Fix Your Singing Using Breath - Breathing for Singers

Isn't it frustrating when you feel like you've worked so hard on a certain singing skill, but then when you go to actually do it, you get blocked by tension?

My newest video gives you some powerful imagery, or visualizations, for you to use while you're singing -- designed to fix about 95% of your singing problems!

When I say "fix your singing," I essentially mean: get out of your own way, and rely on your breath to guide you. When you learn how to relax, trust, and let go, singing is finally possible!

In this video you'll get 3 powerful mental images that I use with my students when I cue breath.

I'll also take some time to re-teach you how to breathe for singing -- zooming in on the actual sensation of what breath feels like (which so often confuses singers). Breathing for singers can be tricky to get the hang of at first, but once you understand it and memorize the sensation, you're going to make lightning progress.

Basically, breath for singers feels a bit like you're filling up the "basement" of your belly and butt, and then, on the exhale, like you're pressing down slightly, kind of how it feels when you belly laugh. Definitely check out the video for a more detailed explanation of what I mean.

Learning how to harness your mental focus and get really specific about what effect in your body you're trying to achieve will do absolute wonders for your singing!

Try out these visualizations, and let me know which are helpful!
xo Fel


Felicia Ricci

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    • cyndi

      I LOVE the breathing exercise for the to REPROGRAM my thinking of inhaling/exhaling, to go DOWN my BELLY. its working good on me, since I tend to tense a lot even for nothing! THANK YOU. I love your videos together w/ your sense of humor, fel...I take notes also while at the same time watching your videos whenever im home during my day off. (I haven't finished my notes yet, just got started actually.) then, when I drive myself to work for at least half an hour, that's when I can do my warmups exercise. I feel freer when im in my car than in my apartment.

  • Alicia Tubbs

    Great video, Fel! I've been feeling breath more and more as I practice. Your "bep-bep-bep" exercise has been helping me to get that laugh-like feeling. I can actually feel the breath compressing and launching into my face. "Bwah" has also been helpful, especially with powering low notes. Your emphasis on breathing is so true. Whenever I feel like I'm straining or something's not working, I energize the notes with breath, and everything seems to work itself out. I also find that elongating vowels and "launching" the breath with constants helps to energize notes. QUESTION: In addition to compressing the air in the belly, I oftentimes feel compression happening in my chest, mainly in when singing in chest/mix. What role, if any, should the chest play in breath compression?

  • Desiree Jones

    Thank you so much for making this video, very helpful (brilliant). These images and visualizations are just what I've needed so I can sing more freely and confidently. You're a genius!

  • Pamela Stewart

    Fel! right on! I'm singing/drumming with a jazz group and "discovering" my mid/low range. The thing is, the energy...the breath right there, low and steady. It's a real trip, especially for this dyed in the wool classical singer. Your tips are exactly where I'm feeling it and the imagery is great.

    Recently reread Lamperti's book Vocal Wisdom and couldn't help think of you. In it's rather old fashioned style it is saying the very same thing with regard to breath, breathing, vowels, consonants, etc. Happily, you are translating the concepts into 21st century vernacular without emphasizing physiology etc. Makes me want to get right up and SING! That's the way we SHOULD feel. Very adept, very encouraging, Voice Finder!

    Remember my business card? "Discover Your Voice"

  • Lee

    You rock! If people had never really belly laughed, I'm pretty certain they did just after you uttered that phrase because your next gem was "it's not like something pressing down, more like water emptying from your butt". Ok, right before you said that, you totally had me - I was getting it, visualizations working! check! BUT now I can't sing because I keep laughing at the water running out of my butt. As soon as I get a hold of myself, I am going to put this to excellent use! xox

  • nancy Cooper

    Thank you for creating this site! You are a riot to watch and ale learning to sing so fun! Recently joined a small church choir and am older than most in the choir but am motivated to improve and you, my friend, are my secret weapon...are my vocal cords easier to damage because of age? I'm 62... Any tips to keep them young and less strained? Sing alto and sometimes tenor..ha!

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