Can Everyone Sing? Here's the Truth.

Today's singing tips video is in direct response to a question I get all the time.

"Fel, can everyone sing? Or only the chosen few??"

Be sure to watch for my answer -- and I'll also describe some recent cool articles / studies about this very topic that are VERY encouraging for singers.

If this topic interests you -- or if you're a singer, at any level, looking to improve your process and truly maximize your potential -- be sure to sign up for my FREE webinar on 10/11/15 which explores this topic more fully and helps you (1) uncover your singer potential, (2) learn the PROCESS behind true singer progress, (3) integrate your mind, body, and emotions for awesome singing, (4) much more!!

To sign up for the webinar is click here.

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xo Fel

P.S. If you know someone who gets discouraged easily or who has been told they just "don't have what it takes," be sure to send them a link to this video!! Spread the love, I always say. 🙂

P.P.S. Oh! And here are links to the articles I mention in the video:



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    • felicia

      Hi Rozanne! Not a stupid question! You don't need Skype to participate, all you need is an internet connection and a computer (ideally) or mobile device. The webinar will play as a video and there will be a Facebook-integrated comments section below where I'll be answering comments and questions as they come in. Hope to see you there! xo Fel

        • felicia

          Hi Matheus! No, the webinar will be on a webpage (much like this one) - but the comments "widget" or plugin integrates with Facebook. So you'll be able to comment using your Facebook name. Like, this comment section that we're using right now is via WordPress (which is the application that allows me to create and publish my website), whereas during the webinar will be using a Facebook-provided comment app. But the actual location is not Facebook itself. 🙂 xo Fel

  • tiph

    Hi Fel,

    I'm in France so, if my baby daughter does not let me connect on sunday, will it be a recorded version of the webinar that I could have access to later?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Veronica

    Thank you for the continuous encouragement !!! I went ahead and read the article from "Medical Daily" because, besides family and friends saying a can sing for s#$T, I'm afraid that my physical characteristics where not suitable for it either. I believe I have a good chest voice but once I go up to my larynx everything is doomed. Maybe I have a physical "impediment". My mom had a sweet deep voice; my father is never in key. (I got it after my father because I have his same nose.) But I always love to sing and I can not stop! Thanks again and see you at the webinar. I'll definitely learn to sing with you.

  • Toby

    Hi Fel!
    (My absolute fave voice coach :)))

    I will do my best to be home in time for the webinar, which is 9pm for me. But I have some ponderings.

    Will it be a interactive seminar when it comes to singing, with some people having a chance to interact 'live' with you verbally,
    one where you hold a lecture and 'us' listening to all the great things you have to say?

    Personally, I'm much too shy and insecure in my singing to interact in that way anyway, but
    I'm just curious of how you have composed it 🙂

    And how long do you think the seminar will be?

    All the best


  • Adama

    Hi Fel, I am excited about the upcoming webinar! Just trying to get the kids occupied lol! Much love to you and all of the amazing and inspiring work that you do. I am dying to get your course! xXx

  • Michael Fortress

    Hi fel,
    I'm a 73 year old man that loves to sing everyday. However, I only sound good when I'm sing along with a CD or Youtube. Will there be something in the Webinar about that?

    Love your videos.

    Mike fortress

  • Mohd Johari Dinah

    All in one group likes in one sound, make me happy to you all and i feel entertained, when me heard the sounds from Felicia Ricci, Cross. Nicole Cross and others singer presented their song so exciting, Melodies, then who hear them they will feel the love even through they are a harsh man

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