You Got Questions, I Got Answers

Which of your online courses are free, and which have a tuition?

Belting Crash Course and Free Vocal Warmups are completely free, start to finish. My longer courses are more comprehensive and in-depth and provide more materials and resources. They have a one-time tuition fee. These are called The Lazy Singer's Warmups, Belt Your Face Off, Singing Transformation.

What’s the difference between Singing Transformation and Belt Your Face Off?

While belting is briefly covered in Singing Transformation, the courses are different. Singing Transformation focuses on foundations, self-confidence, performance, and lets you build a singing strategy for life, whereas Belt Your Face Off is a deep dive into belting, specifically. There is some overlap, but many of the videos and exercises are different, as BYFO breaks down the technique of belting in a much more detailed way. 

Are The Lazy Singer's Warmups different from your other warmups & courses? If so, how?

Heck yes! The Lazy Singer's Warmups are almost all entirely different from my other courses. Their purpose is to help singers of all levels develop a singer ritual that is MANAGEABLE, EFFECTIVE, and FAST -- for those days when you want to do "no-brainer" warmups but still prepare your voice for singing.

Of all my offerings, this warmup set is the most basic but many singers report it is the most effective! This set is all about (1) saving time and (2) doing it in the absolute minimum amount of time necessary.

  • They are designed to do lots of things at once (they're "multifunctional").
  • They allow you to basically be a vocal ninja without much effort -- opening up your voice and getting the kinks out without worrying about complex technique.
  • They remove unnecessary tension -- which blocks singers from being able to sing freely -- and are specifically geared toward relaxation.
  • If you have trouble finding time to do a complete warmup set from my other courses, The Lazy Singer's Warmups perfectly complements those other exercises.
  • Oh, and there's a 14 day refund policy, so if you get them and then find they're not what you need you can get a full refund.

Can I book a one-on-one or Skype lesson with you?

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, I’m completely booked and not currently accepting new one-on-one students. The best ways to work with me are through my online singing courses Singing Transformation and Belt Your Face Off. Singing Transformation even includes real-time Q&A with me via the comments section.

Additionally, Singing Transformation includes tiers of enrollment that feature direct, personalized instruction from me, so be sure to sign up for email updates here to get notified when the course re-opens.

I’m trying to enroll in Lazy Singer's Warmups/Belt Your Face Off/Singing Transformation but am having issues with payment. What can I do?

Glad you’re interested, but sorry you’re having trouble! First, double-check your billing zip code and security code to make sure it's correct. If it's still not working, please send an email to [email protected] describing the glitch and someone on Team Fel will return your email ASAP.

I'm already enrolled in Belt Your Face Off/Singing Transformation and am experiencing technical difficulties with logging in/accessing the course content.

Sorry about that, bud! Simply send an email to [email protected] describing the glitch and someone on Team Fel will return your email ASAP.

Do you offer any scholarships or tuition assistance for the paid singing courses?

I'm always exploring new possibilities for scholarships and tuition assistance, and I have some ideas in the works. At this time, however, I don't have a formal scholarship program, but if you're on my mailing list, you'll be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities. 

Why do you only open Singing Transformation a few times per year? Can you squeeze me in (pretty please)?

I wish I could! I only open Singing Transformation a few times per year because it's a truly in-depth and comprehensive experience for all enrolled -- meaning it takes a lot of time, energy, and love for me to execute it well.

I limit enrollment numbers and set a clear timeline for the course because it allows me to be as present as possible as an instructor and make sure you have the best possible experience!

I'm a complete beginner! Where should I start?

If you're new to singing and are overwhelmed by the volume of my singing resources, a good place to start is to enroll in my Free Vocal Warmups course, which takes you step by step through the process of practicing. You can sign up at

On my YouTube channel, the simplest, most beginner-friendly videos are found under the playlist Singing Should Be Simple. From there, you might try the Vocal Range playlist. 

However, to get a truly valuable, step-by-step lesson experience, I recommend you check out my comprehensive training program Singing Transformation, which you can learn more about here:

The lesson sequencing, depth of instruction, community, and hands-on Q&A component makes it the most useful for singers looking for an A-to-Z guide to singing.

Can I send you a recording of me singing, and you tell me what I need to work on?

I don't currently offer this service, but if you join my e-mailing list you'll be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities!

Can I email you a question I have about singing?

Sure! Just use this contact form on my site. FYI I get about 200-500 emails per day. While I can’t guarantee I’ll answer you individually, rest assured I or my assistant will add your question to my list of potential YouTube video and lesson ideas!

Be sure to also check out (1) Singing Transformation, which comes with an 89 question-and-answer e-book all about singing troubleshooting, (2) my past singing tips videos, as I may have already answered your question! 🙂

Can I tweet you/Facebook you/Instagram you a question I have about singing?

I will kindly ask that you refrain.

There are now so many ways to get in touch on the internet, and my brain stops functioning if I have to tend to every single medium like it's a classroom. It's very hard to answer singing questions in a meaningful way via social media comments, and I like to place loving boundaries on where/when I am "asked for stuff," since it can be pretty exhausting to get these kinds of notifications all the time. (Plus, it's super hard to keep track of who's asking what, on what platform, so my advice is usually out of context and hard to provide.)

So, in general I don't answer Qs over social media, sorry!

That being said, social media is a great way to say "hey" and spread the love. My job involves lots of people asking for help, or advice, or feedback -- and while I love what I do, it's always a breath of fresh air to receive encouraging feedback, an uplifting bit of info, or a sunny hello! Twitter is my favorite social media platform and I try to read everything you guys tweet at me.