Voice Cracking & How to Prevent It (Singing Tips Video)

Why is everyone so afraid of voice cracking?? And what can we, as singers, do to prevent the dreaded wobble? Check out my brand spankin' new singing tips video -- "Voice Cracking and How to Prevent It" -- for advice on combatting the process of cracking. In it, I crack a lot like a complete…

Take my survey & enter to win a critique and/or phone chat!

Here is my face, smiling at you, like, "Please take my survey lol!" *Note: As of Friday, April 25, 2014, submission has been closed. Thank you to all who participated! The winner will be announced later today.* Are you a singer? An aspiring singer? Do you belt it out in the shower? If so, I'd…

Channeling Fear and Coping With Anxiety

My TEDx Talk at Yale this past Saturday was about "Life Revision." Its full title was "There Is No Final Draft: Keep Revising Your Life To Create Your Reality." I had a tremendous time at the TEDx conference and feel such love for my alma mater! (The speeches were taped by a professional cameraman, so…

If You Dare: Come See Me Give a TEDx Talk At Yale

Hi, friend. My name is Felicia Ricci and I'm giving a TEDx Talk at Yale this Saturday. My tentative topic is REVISION. How do you revise your life to create your reality? Needless to say, I'm pretty freaked out, especially as I sit at Starbucks, writing the world's longest manifesto on Life and its myriad questions.…

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Singing

What?? Two new singing tips video in one week?? I've gone insane! This new video answers a question I get a lot: "Felicia. What can I do to improve my singing technique, right now?" Some of you may think the answer is "nothing," but that's actually not true. Of course, anything worth achieving takes lots…

How to Sing "Let It Go" From Frozen (Video)

Hi, singer friends! I've been getting a lot of questions from my voice students and from many of you via social media about how to sing "Let It Go" from Frozen in the style of Idina Menzel, so I decided to make a quick vid giving you some singing tips on how to approach the super…

Healthy Singing - 9 Tips for a Healthy Voice

Here's a video all about how to keep your singing voice healthy and sickness-free. Homeopathic remedies, nasal spray, saline, the works. Includes an amazing Neti Pot demo that will make the angels weep.


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