How to Face Your Fears - 15 Minute Meditation

This video is different than most of my videos, and to be honest, it was scary to film.

Watch to learn about a 15-minute meditation I use daily to face one of the strangest, elusive, and most overwhelming forces in life: fear.

So many of us deal with fear and negative thoughts when it comes to realizing our dreams, reaching our full potential or, really, just existing in a world that can feel negative and scary.

I wanted also to describe how to meditate (as best as I could) - the actual process - to help demystify the experience. Everyone's journey is different, but here's some insight into what I do.

I hope this meditation for fear is helpful for you. Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts!

Lots of love,


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  • Sushant

    Hey fel ! This is Sushant
    U r really a great teacher..m really feelig blessed with ur techniques...thnx 4 being there...this video of yours not only helped me in music but also in everyday's busy n booring life...thnx alot fel i really needed it.

  • Amanda

    Wow Fel, this couldn't have come at a better time for me! I was just accepted to my dream school for theatre yesterday and after the initial celebration, I became overwhelmed with fear--fear of leaving my family and friends to move across the country, fear that I wouldn't even be able to attend if I can't afford it, fear that I won't be able to make a career for myself if I don't attend, etc. But seeing this calmed me down so much, and I'm so ready to try your method of meditation. Thanks for opening up and sharing your vulnerability with us, because it really does help. You're a godsend, Fel! Much love.

  • Noémie

    Thank you so much for this video Fel. You've already helped me so much through these youtube videos and your Singing Transformation course that whatever direction you choose to take next, I will always be grateful. You are very genuine and good at connecting with people, even through a video, and I am sure we will be able to feel that in the songs you write. If you want to make videos about your creative process, I would be very much interested.

    Love your hair by the way ::) xxx

  • Kayla sheffield

    Hey Fel! I just wanna say thank you for this video and thank you for believing in me. Your honesty here is so great and real. I love you and your work. Stay strong! You have a rocking voice and amazing talent. Thank you. <3

  • Tammy Todd

    This was a great video, very helpful... I will definitely give it a try and sit with my fear... I once heard a saying, I don't remember by who but it basically said, don't let fear walk in front of you it slows you down, don't walk beside it because it holds you back, instead let it walk behind you to let it push you forward, become friends with your fear so you can embrace it. This isn't a direct quote, but it's something I think about during my toughest moments 🙂 but meditating with fear and then walking in front of it will definitely allow you to embrace it. Thank you for sharing.

    PS my website is coming, it's just not live yet

  • Michelle

    Hi Felicia,

    I watched your video "How to Face Your Fears." When you were talking about your fear of not being good enough, it resonated with me. I feel that way about my music, especially when folks are very critical. I almost gave up because I felt that maybe I wasn't good enough. I thought that maybe I should just stick to my day job---my comfort zone. I still have some of that fear or being critiqued and told about more negatives than positives. But, I am learning to think about what my purpose is with the music. Then I want to focus on improving my craft as it relates to my purpose rather than dwelling so much on the critique. I will try to follow some of the techniques you mentioned in your video. Thanks for your honesty.

  • Zion Birdsong

    Hey, I've been watching you and learning so much when I have downtime. I love your heart and desire to be transparent with your gift. As you know, your voice and vocal abilities are phenomenal lol. I'm a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer. I do all kinds of music and I wouldn't mind sowing back into you since I've gained so much from your free vids; No strings attached or weird stuff... only blessings. Here's an unmastered sample of my work.

  • Nalia

    I have a very serious anxiety problems sometimes while performing my legs get so weak. But with continued practice and God's guidance I will overcome my fear of singing infront of an audience. Fel I believe you will make it just continue to believe and you will achieve, you are an awesome singer and teacher wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  • Rhonda

    This was very nice. Thank you. I've been struggling for years with an incongruous desire to want to sing in public yet knowing I do not have a pleasing enough singing voice to do so. I am a performer without an audience and this is an unresolved longing which hurts, emotionally. I think this video will help me sort this out. Rhonda

  • Liebe

    Fel! I deeply admire and love you for shining your Light here; for your bravery, your blunt honesty, and showing your shadow side for all to see. That takes an incredible amount of guts!! I also couldn't stop balling almost the whole video because I not only relate to your fears, but deeply resonate with your spirituality. You weave an incredible amount of spirituality into your videos, whether or not you realize it. I know you are touching so many with your voice. You are not only a coach, you are a true guide who holds so much Light and Love for all to be touched by! Something that has helped me heal my fears from 16 years of an abusive marriage: while sitting with your fears, and becoming friends with it, send LOVE to that aspect of your soul. To me, I see my fears as a scared child that NEEDS love to heal. We try too often to avoid the fear, lock it away. You think a scared child will heal if you lock her away? No! She needs to be held, nurtured and loved til all fear is gone, transmuted back to wholeness. Fel, you are on the right path. keep on keeping on. I believe in you girl! I know you will heal your fears, and get past them one day! We are in this together!!

  • George Liebau

    Thank you so much, Fel! For being you and sharing yourself with everyone! It is so comforting to have such a great person such as yourself with all of your knowledge and experience and you offer to help people with these life challenges. I have always had an interest and strong belief in meditation but also had a bit of fear about it as well. Fear of doing it right or wrong mostly. This video has helped me gain confidence and hope that I now look forward to focusing and devoting time to meditate. You are absolutely amazing in all you do! I have full faith and complete support for any decision you make in your life whether it is teaching, performing, both, or anything else! For sharing such an emotional and personal issue for yourself...*HUG* 🙂

  • Valentina Bacherer

    Thankyou Fel!! im going through kind of the same problems like you, but im in an earlier stage. i think we all have problems and fears. good technique to meditate with no doubt. Try also visualizing a positive affirmation, for example im full of energy and ready to sing on stage ! hope that is usefull, hugs and infinite thankyou!!!

  • Erica Muxlow

    Fel, you're amazing. Whichever direction you take your career, we'll be here with you, along for the journey. Thank you for the wonderful content you create... and the compassion you have for new singers. You make the world a better place... and make it sound better too 😉 LOL


  • Jim R

    Hi Fel

    I just watched your fears/meditation video and you did a great job on it. I started to cried because you hit so many of the fears that I have and I thought that it was just me. I am going to be doing what you said but I have a hard time trying to meditate so I'm going to give it the best that I can. Thank you for caring about us and BIG Hugs to you.


  • Mattie Mills

    Thank you Fel!

    Such a very important topic! Music/Singing is a holistic experience. Every part of our being is committed to executing the very part of our soul that brings us joy and gives others hope and comfort.

    Thank you for taking this very important message to the table today for all of your followers and myself as well. Fear? Yes. Today? Big time. About singing. No. About life's rich pageant of timely transformations, yes.

    You have blessed me with your message.

    Thank You.
    Mattie Mills

  • Neil Speers

    Thank you for sharing this. I don't spend time facing down my fears - which I probably should do to get past certain problems I have in motivation. I typically don't acknowledge fears because I'm highly distractible and 'forget' whatever was concerning me. But then I find myself hesitating on actions, even though I know I should move forward. It's time - I think - to take a self survey and make sure I'm dealing with things rather than dealing with the next "squirrel/bright shiny object/etc."

  • Adam

    Hi Fel, I got loads out of this, and can't thank you enough for the video. I love the image of fear being a well intending 'person' just trying to help...and am going to use that....I certainly understand how you feel, as I continually procrastinate developing my own music and instead keep my focus on the gigs I have to do with the excuse
    'I have to make a living'....though I do fractionally combine the two, it's more like a tap that's dripping instead of me facing my fears and turn on the tap to see what comes, be more proactive to developing my own music....anyways, Thanks for the vid....I took your 360, loved doing well, for every hard mile of work i gain an inch...but I'm undeterred, and am in a far better position re my voice than I ever have been....thanks! Adam XXX

  • Isabel

    Hi Fel, that's really great that you made this video. One week ago I was in a singing course and I faced many professional singers and I felt so pressurized that I suddenly had this great fear and I just cried the whole night. I fear that I can never make my dream come true (to sing really well). There you have the solution with meditation. But I overcame my fear differently though: I told myself I only live once and I have to trust myself, and I can't lose anything by just being myself. That gives me the courage to dare to try something new and challenge myself.
    Take care Fel!

  • Sophie

    The music in the background is scary. But I can relate. I have a chorus concert tonight, and I'm scared we are going to sound bad. I love you. Our school North Bethesda Middle School (NBMS) has a impression that we are good singers. We have been in many different competitions and they all end up in 1st -2 nd place.

  • Caitlin

    Hi Fel,

    Thank you so much for your videos. Your lessons have really helped me! I feel like I have found where my belting voice lives, but I'm confused about something. You say it shouldn't take a lot of force to hit high notes, but I feel that as soon as I switch from chest into belt I need a much larger amount of breath to produce the belt sound. It doesn't strain my voice, though. But, I want to make sure this is normal. Please let me know what you think.


  • Arnica Langevin

    I was wondering how you were and how your course was running...I can't afford it at the moment (I am between jobs). I had not seen any notes from you in the last little while.

    Thanks for the tips on meditation. I tried it today and it put me to sleep!

    I am in a choir and my two big fears are 1) I won't hit the correct note, and 2) I don't know the words to all the songs and now that I think about it 3) I don't get into the groove of the song.

  • Deanna

    I am 16 years old and I really enjoyed watching your video. Like your other videos, you really made me feel at ease and it is just so amazing for me to know that I am not alone with these fears. I will be trying this method and I am so thankful that you have made a video like this. Now I know at least one way of beginning to face the fears I deal with when it comes to performing, or this idea of wanting to be "ready" all the time for the stage, as where I live, opportunities are not always around the corner.
    I just need to... Relax.

    I love that you are so down to earth and I am so thankful to have found one of your videos on Youtube. I've been watching since!
    You are a great teacher and singer!
    I wish you all the best in achieving your own goals and I wish you all the happiness from a little Channel Island called Jersey.
    Lots of Love xxxx

  • Shyrell

    Thank you. So many people are not able to talk about their fears/anxieties. I carry medication with me and use it only if I feel the need. But first I treat the feeling like an unkind person and tell it to shut up... And tell myself it's only a thought... it's only a feeling... Then I try to distract myself with something else. I love your videos and appreciate all I have been learning. You should be proud. I am proud of you. Love from a Grandma in North Carolina

  • Sarah

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this video!!! Now I'm even more happy that I found you! :))) You have no idea how timely this is for really bring together some pieces that have been floating around the edges of my awareness, waiting for me to do something with them. I knew they were important pieces, but have not been able to connect them into any form of cohesive action. I've never been very good at meditating, it always made me anxious because I thought I was doing it wrong ;-D Your video speaks to me on SO many levels, parts of it even gave me goosebumps. I plan to try this ASAP. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Dan

    Hi Felicia you should know you make a difference to up-and-coming artists and people trying to learn to sing. I personally have been watching your videos for about 2-3 weeks now and the difference it's made to my singing is make me decide to fully go for it by Korea some artist. That is incredible considering that I have never thought about doing that as I always thought I was ever going to be able to sing properly. Now I can see that I can as I have been practising every day like you advice and I've seen incredible results. It's amazing what you've done. It turns out what I was missing over the years was any knowledge of 'resonance' in my head. Thanks again for all your lesson and for this video too.

    I can definitely say from the bottom of my heart that if your desire is to perform you should just go for it. Especially in this day and age you can really do it. Pardon my language But, fuck the fear. Be brave. Let the fear push you. Be curious about what's out there. Face everything with your middle finger up and go hard. Bravery is when you face what you fear the most. The payoff Will take you to that next level. This is the attitude that propels me. See you up there Felicia.

    Remember this, there's only one you. Don't deprive the world of that.

  • Deborah

    Wow, Fel, thank you so much for this! There's something in the Christian tradition called the 'Welcoming Prayer' that is similar to this idea, but I really appreciated the way you described it and your vulnerability in what you shared makes it that much more meaningful. Fear and anxiety are definitely the biggest obstacles I face when it comes to sharing my songs with other people, and they frequently stop me from being the person I really want to be. Thanks again for the video, I'm going to give this a try.

  • Paula

    Hey, Fel. First of all, I love your videos and thank you so much for all the things you've done to people. I always felt like music and art are the loves of my life. I'm an illustrator, but I still couldn't be connected to music the way I wanted to. So, thinking that, I found your blog/youtube channel so I ask you an advice: where do I begin? I've taken those free lessons you did, but I just couldn't "do it right" because I feel like I should have some kind of "background" in music. Like when you start playing guitar, you need to learn the chords, the notes, how to use your fingers, these kind of things BEFORE playing a real song. So I really wanted to ask you where do I begin. Warmups? Breath support? Thank you so much.

  • Eduardo

    Hello Fel!

    This is a truly beautiful video. It's sort of funny to know your fears because you have always a very uplifting vibe haha. I noticed a high sincerity from yours and it made me emotional too. I'm not saying that you were not being yourself on the other videos, but we both know it's necessary to incorporate some kind of persona to build a good image. I can't talk too much about your other fears, but know that you NEVER need to be nervous when you record your videos. You ALWAYS look loving, beautiful, funny and receptive! Also, in my opinion, the fear of letting your students down should not be a real concern... I know, it may sound selfish, but I think we all here wish you the best. So if the best decision includes for example pursuing a musical career, please do so!! This journey is all about authenticity, loving ourselves and living in the moment (and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about 😉 )

    Thank you for the meditation and for being this amazing person. I love you.
    Greetings from Rio! 😀

  • adrian newman

    yes Felicia, i can tell that it was a genuine thing that you shared when you almost cried,i once was told by a Buddist monk that flowers were an ambassador for god, to show he was still here, my point is that if you can learn to be this close to the universe, the fears will drift away.

  • Camille

    Bravo and thank you so much for your powerful example and message! It's so refreshing to see so many like-minded souls that are acknowledging their growing pains as we all seek our higher inner wisdom and voice at such pinnacle times in our lives!
    I've always been a frim believer that everything happens for a reason and just as I was prepping for an intro video I've never done before, I came across this! I knew that mediation and sitting or better yet, "making friends" with my fear would undoubtedly guide me to take the next stride needed to bring it all together divinely!
    I've never unsubscribed because I have always resonated with you and your magical energy... and this very video confirmed to my why I have. I've looked up to you with your confidence and although I have always had a speaking 'voice', although it could always use some polishing, improving and developing in many facets. Music being one of them. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Best of success on your journey as I'm sure many opportunities await you as you continue to move forward in your calling and beautiful purposes.
    Camille Sullivan xo

  • Robin Dowling

    Thank you Fel. You relate well, so well. I know that fear is an emotion, an important one and the Lord in my life, His presence is changing my perspective. My heart changes when I listen and wait. Thank you for being so vulnerable and real. You embrace your inner self like a good friend. You are precious and I just love you. You are cool and you are magnificent. Love, Robin

  • Andrea

    Thanks for sharing. You have a lot to be proud of. Your video prompted me to respond with many notes as I watched through it. This is not unusual, i always have a lot to say 🙂
    1. I can't meditate with music. It interferes with my concentration. That said, i can just listen and be relaxed with it. Or allow my mind to drift off but that's not meditation. I prefer silence for meditation.
    2. Regarding fears, I've had some of the same fears you mentioned and I let them beat me. Now I'm older and see that clearly and to some extent regret that. Its amazing how time and age lets you see the past so much more clearly. I mean its vivid. And you think, how dumb was that to let myself be manipulated to that extent by my fears.
    3. My guiding principle has always been go with your heart and unfortunately, that also means letting the fears have a say but going with my heart at least has been great for helping me turn away from "sensible paths" and have a go at the things that really interest me without fear.
    4. I spent a couple of years learning and practicing buddhist meditation. But one of the things I never was able to do was sit with my feelings. I guess I became interested in that concept somewhat late in the day and by then, I didn't have the interest to really figure that matter out. So its great that you have found a way to do it and can share it with us so clearly. Fear is not usually the thing that bothers me much anymore. Its usually depression. Sometimes the feeling is just pure unbearableness and when you first started talking, I thought you were going to be talking about profound anxiety but your fears sound less physical than that. When your feelings are so physical, although you did feel it in your meditation as something in your stomach, you are starting to get that a bit but i think its not the same. So I was going to say that if a person suffers intense anxiety, I'm not sure that meditation is the best thing to do for it unless they already have a practice. At least not without the help of an experienced teacher. Because meditation can intensify - in fact meditation does intensify feelings - to such an extent that the person can just about go out of their mind, or at least feel that is what is happening. But so long as your fears are mainly mental with only mild physical symptoms, then this may help. But I still think its tricky and if anyone is a bit fragile, they should be careful and find a meditation teacher to work with. Preferably in the flesh or in skype. There's a book that goes into all the weird stuff of meditation written by Jack Kornfield for anyone who may need it.
    5. Back to you. Well I'm sure that people will be sorry if you quit doing your teaching but if that's what you need to do, then you need to do it. Its your life and you need to look after number 1 first because no one else is going to do it. Of course you can always return to teaching again if you want to or you may find a way to do it so it takes up less time and leaves more time for other things. But anyway, I do know an artist who went through and managed to accomplish what you are talking about. She was a painting teacher and such a brilliant teacher that we were all sorry to see her quit us and devote herself 100% to her painting in order to get her painting career going again. I am not totally sure where she ended up but I think she was able to make it work. She may not have achieved fame as such but she certainly did some new work, held exhibitions and must have sold a few paintings. But i am pretty sure she is happier for having turned the corner.
    As for us, your work is all around us. We will be fine. There are plenty of other singing resources and teachers out there too so we will manage just fine, even if we miss you a lot. It might force new things for us too. That's one of the great things in life. One door closes, another one opens. Its so true. I wish i had understood that better when I was young but in recent decades, I have seen it time and again and now I'm not so afraid of the changes I have to make and the disappointments are less disappointing too.
    As for achieving your dreams of stardom, well that's just a tough one for everyone. There's only one way we can reach our potential and that is to push and push and push or work and work and work and be open to new stuff, focus, look after yoruself and so on. A lot of the times, its not us, its other stuff that means we miss or win opportunities. One only has to watch the tv show the Voice to see that. I mean how many brilliant singers have I seen miss out just becuase its near the end of the blinds and the coaches are looking for something particular which the singer on the stage doesn't actually meet though they are excellent in their own right. And what about the battles. Two excellent singers up against each other and only one can be chosen. Meanwhjile in the next ring, you've got two mediocre singers and one of them will get another chance to stay on. So that's life.
    If you can find and hold onto the love for what you do, that helps you push a lot longer and more. For me though, I always needed some financial return too when that was a critical part of the project. Without the financial return, it was hard to keep going with just the love. For me with singing, its the same. I needed an end point, like performance. I can't just develop my singing for its own sake which is a shame actually. But on leaving the choir - where i did have chances to perform, I had to find another chance and through a natural course of ideas and stuff, I came round to the notion of going busking. The money isn't the spur for me here its the chance to perform. But the money sort of legitimises it and I have a good purpose for that money too which is also going to be a motivating factor. But i won't go into that here.

    Well I could go on a bit longer with some other points that i think are interesting but well I think yo'uve heard enough from me for now. Good luck in whatever decision you make. You are a good singer. We can't all be the best. There will always be someone better than us but as you must know by now too, in a competitive world, its also about other skills and things we bring to the table such as our attitude and personality and all that. You also are good looking so i am sure that no one is counting you down on that score. Look around and see that people with less talent adn less beauty than you can make it. And be happy too, or at least appear to.

  • Diann

    Bravely transparent. Your honesty and vulnerability are inspirational. The candid way you share your inner fears, and wonderfully practical and creative way you deal with them, offers a flexible solution that can be customized. Sending you much love for your journey ... you are a light!

  • Colleen holman

    Thank you Fel for sharing sincerely and I will try this meditation. You are very brave and generous to share your feelings and your experience. It was very kind of you and appreciate it. All the best to you sorting out what you decide to do. I see you as a very beautiful smart and capable woman who can do anything.

  • Beatrice

    As a person dealing with every possible type of fear at the moment, I felt like I wanted to tell you that this video was a great idea!! I noticed though how you mentioned things holding you back from being a performer "letting you guys down", "not being good enough", "not unique enough". In this video alone you proved this otherwise. You are not letting down anyone, you are good enough and more do have a lot to offer! Your videos show not only some tutor telling us how to find our voice but your cool personality is the key thing that keeps me and people like me watching. I think if you could manage to create songs that speak to people as much as this video does, with your voice and personality...that's all you need 🙂 the world doesn't need another bombshell to sing about dancing in the club, it needs songs people can connect to. I would be most curious to hear a song by you.
    Best of wishes!

  • Seh

    Hi, Fel...
    I'm brazilian actor, bassist and singer with a goodknowledge of english, but I always had problems when listening to spoken english.
    It's amazing but I can understand almost everything that you say.
    I connect to the way you express your thoughts, feelings, emotions and passion when you're teaching.
    Tonight, watching this video I got no doubt of what a loving human being you are.
    I wish I could have more people just like you around me.
    We all have fears. Dealing with them and getting the best of it is the chalenge.
    You showed a wise and tender way of doing it just like you do on your singing classes.
    I did my first meditation and worked fine for me.
    Gonna do it everyday.

    I hope I can have lessons with you in the near future.

    Like Tina sings, "You're simply the best..."


  • iris

    Hey fel,
    I am thankful for your openess.the fact that we all human beeings got fears is often not allowed to admit or show. I struggle with uncomfortable fears my whole life and as a sensitive person i get influenced easily by my surrounding. But mediation and awareness of my thoughts help me a lot to not get crazy nor give up my dreams. The mind is a very strong tool to make decision for our feeling and our wellbeeing. Unfortunately we dont learn how to use that tool and need to go deeper and work on us to realize that all these fears are not neccesairy or partly too strong but not devil or enemies.
    Thanks for sharing. You are very authentic and sympathic

  • Zoe


    Fear has been my biggest battle as a musician, something I've struggled with my entire life and something that I've given into time and time again. Thank you from my deepest heart for being honest and sharing your story, it takes guts and there aren't a lot of people who are willing to bare their gives me hope.



  • Donna

    Wow, we all have those masks we put on to cope w fears...your humor, generosity, giving caring being is amazing, thank you for showing the 'real' you....hoping this will help me to unmask for to my genuine self too xxhugsxx

  • Jill Goldman

    Fel, I loved this video! So glad you did it and shared it with us. I am very familiar with some of the same fears you expressed, and it is so hard sometimes to get to a new understanding of what you want and are ready for. I've had to go through a very similar thing. I love the way you present your meditation, too! I'm going to give that a try. Thank you for all you do, and I wish you all the best on your personal journey.

  • Sue Zimmerman

    Hi, Fel....

    I've just watched your heartfelt, sincere, open/honest Meditation video on "How To Face Your Fears".... Thank you.
    You certainly 'nailed' a lot of feelings I have on the "lack of confidence" trail. I always wished my City Community teacher understood. I even recently tried verbalizing my 'hold ups' with singing...but sadly never "got it"....never understood.... would always just tell me to get up there at the mic during our group practices and sing.

    I did want to tell, you, Fel, your video is appreciated and will touch many hearts.... and vocal cords...LOL.
    For me, my meditation is with the Lord and I have to say there is NO WAY I'd even be here taking lessons and growing..... I am aware and thankful for the growth, without HIM, our Heavenly Father. I recently even got on stage and solo performed! Oh my gosh.... seriously, the strength came from HIM. I was even so aware as I was on the stage in the "middle of it all". We were to sing two songs with different genre.... and I sang Shania Twain's "From This Moment On" ( and dedicated it to the LORD!) and then had fun getting into "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" (Fiddler On the Roof). I had totally had to let go of my fears and let HIM take over. Though, my relationship with our Lord is a close one... and HE let me know He was there. This performance.... and continued singing.... was/is a huge accomplishment for me........... esp. if you knew where I started from one year ago.

    So, again.... I much enjoyed your video.... particularly the "honesty" behind it..... then wanted to share how appreciative, thankful and in love I am with our God, Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father. Just to share some of my favorite verses where He is doing the talking, that help me through so much.... each day I call upon HIM:
    There is this page in one of my favorite books, "You're already Amazing" by Holley Gerth titled "In Case You Ever Wonder":
    "You question....
    Is who I am okay?
    You're more than okay --- you're His. (Psalm 139:14-16) "I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes samy my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."
    You ask...
    Do I have what it takes?
    You've got all you need. (2Peter 1:3) "HIS divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of HIM who called us by HIS own glory and goodness." Then personally, I also enjoy the following verse :4 "Through these HE has given us HiS very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires."
    You wonder...
    Can I do this?
    You can do all things. (Philippians 4:13) Love this verse!!! "I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me." This particular verse got me through the time I was in the hospital.....

    Well, Fel, I had no intention of going on so......
    I want you know I truly enjoy you and your videos..... you have been a GREAT help this past year.... and I look forward to my second year singing 🙂 ..... even tho' I'm turning 64 in two days.... I am so glad I started "singing". I think (your words) it's cool.... that my friends think it cool I am doing this as well. I expected laughter.... but have not received that...... yippeee.

    Thank you for YOU, Fel.....
    God bless you.....

  • Robert

    Hi Fel,
    Such courage to post this video. I think i speak for all of us on this side of the channel when i say, We feel about you the way you feel about us. Because we want the best for you the way you want the best for us, you could never let us down by following your dreams. Sometimes you just have to so it afraid. For me, it is God who stretches me and then provides a way. All i have to do is act on what He tells me and the rest just seems to take care of itself. Just one man's opinion, you have what it takes in all departments. No retreat, no surrender.

  • Will Daniel

    That was very interesting. It took lot of courage to do that I'm sure. Exposing your vulnerability is a very difficult thing to do. I respect you for this even more than you can imagine.


  • Vijay

    Hey Fel thanks for the video it was so inspiring for me and ya i want to improve my singing so please keep sending videos of how to sing and also the technique of how to sing.

  • Maria

    I think that it really works. But it needs to be done everyday. The world will re-open to you and you will see things differently. I guess it will help me understand that I should not be afraid of anything and assume responsibility for my actions.

  • nirmal

    Fel, I just want to give you a hug! Thank you for this meditation. Thank you for being so honest and brave as well - I admire you. And I love, love, love your teaching. And I know you can achieve whatever dreams you have - I think you are wonderful and I just love you!!!! I am working with you daily on the Belting Course and I am so happy to have you as my teacher!!!! xx

  • Simone

    Hi, Fel,

    Thanks for sharing all this. I imagine it can't be easy but nothing that is worth it is. Let me just tell you that from where I stand you are so accomplished and successful already, there is no question you'll thrive in whatever you put your mind to. But I also know our harshest critics are usually ourselves, so I understand. I am highly critical of myself and a bit of a perfectionist, and that has just paralysed me in the past too, but I have been dealing with this anxiety and managing it.
    I also have fears about my career and the direction of my life in general. I suffer from social anxiety and I feel quite uncomfortable every time I interact socially. There is a lot for me to face.
    I will try this meditation, it sounds very interesting.
    Cheers for the great job, as always!
    All the best,

  • Allen Robins

    Nice video. I don't think that admitting that you are scared is crazy or unusual, for most of us it appears to be part of the human experience. I loved the idea of making your fear your friend and inviting it to sit with you. Reminds me of a quote from Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.” I am going to have to try that meditation and see how it goes.
    Thanks again for sharing

  • Sally

    Thank you for your honesty! I teach voice and thoroughly enjoy your wonderful approach. I had a young student today who is soooo afraid to sing out. I am searching for ways to help her free herself from the fear that keeps her singing isn such a painfully restricted way. Her deep lack of self confidence is stifling and yet she has a sweet voice and a good ear.
    Thank you so much for your creative spontaneity., and your lovely voice.

  • Georgie

    Hi Fel,

    Ah what a special soul you are thank you for your courage, we all share the same fears, this video as always was inspirational and revealing, you are not alone, ever.

    You are good enough to be anything you want Fel, law of attraction and the power of visualisation is the key. With such a following now, you can do anything you want and have so much support that it will feel like there is an army behind you. Never forget that.

    You probably don´t remember me, but you taught me in the last singing transformation, I had one on one lessons with you, and lots of reviews. You told me I was going to be famous, I thought WTF?? but....i thought you would like to know, that we have just released our second single and it went to number 15 in the dance charts, and now famous dj´s all over the world are playing our electronic music and tracks, its amazing. My voice has gone from average to unique and things just get better and better, you have given me such a gift, so dont ever think that you cant ask for help or advice from us, we would give everything willingly to you.

    We are Midnight Workouts, check us out if you want: You tube - facebook: Midnight Workouts

    Thank you Fel, keep on doing it all, and remember its the journey not the destination that matters, you can be both teacher and artist, always and forever.

    Lots of love, Georgie xxxx

  • Pam Trevino

    Hi Fel!
    This video was very helpful for me to hear. I have not ever tried meditation, but I do hear that it is good for the soul.

    Thank you so much for sharing this tip. I have wanted to sing, write songs, write books, etc, but believe that my "subconscious fear" is keeping me from even continuing to pursue these dreams.

    I am hoping that this method will help my self esteem and confidence grow, so I can do these things I know that I am talented at, but have "procrastinated" on pursuing.

    Thanks Fel! As always, I enjoy each and every one of your videos.

    Never be afraid that you are letting your students, email buddies, etc down!

    You do a great job at teaching us, and I am very positive about you opening up the door to performing again, that things will work out for you in this realm.

    Take Care and hope to get another email from you very soon!

    Love ya Fel!

    Pam Trevino

  • Andrea

    Thanks so much Fel! Keep doing what you are doing and the way you are doing it, cuz you are doing it great and in a really authentic way 🙂

  • Denise

    Hey Fel! I am not an experienced singer and don't have the ability to practice with everything else I have to deal with... but maybe someday and I watch almost all your videos. I recently bought a microphone. I went to play guitar and sing into it. I would do great without the mic, but as soon as I used the mic, I would mess up my guitar playing. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and other spine issues. Currently I have Lyme Disease for the second time, previously 2012. I believe you have a large number of followers! Even though we might not be vocal as a followers, I believe you touch a great many people! Trust in God as I believe he has great plans for you. I have been practicing guitar and have offered to fill a position in the church's band. I felt so sick from nerves just thinking about it, but I put it in God's hands... if that is what he wants me to do so be it. I was able to practice with the band a couple of times without stressing too bad, even when I had technical difficulties. Not sure they are going to ask me to come back but I tried it!!! That's half the battle. I will continue practicing. Knowing that He is backing me up, I am never alone and can always go to him.... As the song says.... "I Am No Longer A Slave to Fear." PS... When they did an CT scan of my head (as I have double vision due to the Lyme Disease) they found a small aneurysm... I was afraid and cried but then realized... it was found early!! How Blessed Am I!

  • Marianna Newman

    You are lovely in so many ways! Thank you for allowing me to come into the world of my fear(s)!

    Attaching meaning to them makes things so much worse SO........BEING with my fear,,,,,was really something that wasn't so bad after all! I would like to say that no matter what you do or where your life leads you, everyone will be blessed to have you in their presence......YOU, your voice, YOUR heart, YOUR spirit that speaks to us and has for all this time!

    Every note I sing I sing because of you......Let THAT sink in! BE WITH THAT!!!!! Know that you ARE the change you want to see in the world! Thank you for your generosity!

    Always grateful and so very proud of you!
    Marianna Newman
    Baiting Hollow, NY

  • Deb

    Hi Fel,

    I love your transparency and willingness to share YOU! Please know that your gift has made thousands of your students better singers....even superstars! Follow your dreams even if they take you to levels beyond what you've been able to accomplish with on-line courses. I'm blessed to have crossed your path for this season. I support you in whatever you choose to do! Success awaits you!

  • Desiree Jones

    Dearest Fel, You never cease to amaze and delight me! Your teachings uplift, inspire and impart all that's good and needs to be known. Now, you're helping us to see we don't even have to fear fear! We only need to work with it. What a great image. Thank you so very much, as always!! Love & Hugs, Desiree

  • Alexandra

    Hey Fel,
    Thank you so much for being so real and open and honest with us. I struggle with it so much and I can't wait to give this a go and see what happens and how I can overcome these things I feel. It's something that a lot of people speak about and deal with. Thank you so much

  • Monique Richert

    Hallo Fel,
    thank you so much, this was such a great expiriance for me, it was so hugs, I closed my eyas and then sudently I saw that little girl I used to be comming in the room and sit down next to me, it was that scary embarrassed girl, that did not get out of a bus, when people stared at her, so I had to walk back miles, because i was to scared. She came sitting next to me and we made friends, now I know, when fair comes up, how to look at that little girl I still am, sometimes, she is so cute and beautiful

  • Lee Vandeveer

    I meditate daily and agree, it does something. Something subtle and powerful at the same time, kinda like your lessons. Thank you for being real and teaching us to sing AND care for ourselves.

  • Francisco

    Hey Fel...
    I just joined your online lessons... Dont be AFRAID... btw.. i dont know when you posted this video... and I havent watched it completely (yet) but i wanted to thank you and you ar not going to let us down 😉

  • Liz

    I'm off work today recovering from an eye op,.. I sing in a band and always looking for new ways to improve my voice, I came across your videos this lunch time... your such a funny lady, I have smiled all afternoon watching you and learned so much these past few hours - Thank you. You are brilliant at what you do, but it's clear you are ready to move on and so I just wanted to wish you well in your new adventure... You have an amazing voice you belong on stage..
    Again thank you for cheering me up...

  • Alice

    I am so glad I found your website. I've been battling stage fright foreveeeer. Your representation of fear is something I had never even contemplated. Great vid.

  • Jelena ri

    You're the loveliest teacher I have ever encountered. This was so brave. Thank you. You're the real deal as a human being and of any singing teacher I have ever had, or any teacher of anything for that matter, you are the best. But if your heart is still with performing... DO IT! Also, you are incredibly unique and beautiful and who ever doesn't see that is kinda blind. Lots of love.

  • Naomi Gillespie

    I watched your video "How to Face Your Fears." When you were talking about your fear of not being good enough, it really hit me. I feel that way about my music, especially when folks are very critical. I almost gave up because I felt that maybe I wasn't good enough. I thought that maybe I should just stick to my day job---my comfort zone. I still have some of that fear or being critiqued and told about more negatives than positives. But, I am learning to think about what my purpose is with singing.

  • Kimberly Tuttle

    Have you read Elizabeth Gilbert's book, "Big Magic"? She talks a lot about addressing your creative fears, and I think the two of you are very much on the same page in a lot of ways. Thank you for your videos.

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