How to Fix Sharp Singing!

Sharp singing is when you go for a note but land a little bit too high, which is a hurdle for many singers.

So today I will answer your question: “What do I do if my singing is consistently sharp?”

In this video, you will learn some powerful approaches that will help fix your pitch and make it much more accurate.

Notes are like circles, and your pitch can move up and down the circle. When you’re singing a note, you’re creating a tone that is round. If you’re used to landing sharp, aim at the bottom of the note’s “circle.” This will help “average out” the pitch.

Stay grounded. Literally, stay connected to the ground and remember your lower body! Pitch often reflects your energy and focus. If you're nervous or “floating up” into your head, your pitch can start to drift upward, too. Remember, singing involves your whole body!

Your breath support is your pitch buddy! Thrust your focus down to the lower part of your body -- to your diaphragm. Building on tip 2: you can even picture roots growing from your diaphragm, down to your feet, digging into the earth.

If you’re a singer who tends to go sharp, follow these simple steps and you’ll notice your energy, your focus, and, ultimately, your pitch will start to correct itself.

Do you struggle with sharp singing? Leave me a comment and let me know if these tips helped!

xo Fel


Felicia Ricci

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    • james

      Hi Fel, sorta embarassed with my question because have little knowledge when it comes to singing. Is this sharp singing, like when I sing I feel like my voice is so detached from the music. Another words its not blending that well, does that make sense? is that what you would call sharp singing? OR am I way off here? Or is this just getting the correct notes? sorta confused......... ugh!! You really are awesome at explaining things; however, am I thinking correctly is this the same thing or am I way off base? Hope you understand what I mean.......sorta confused myself........... 🙁

      There is a song that I sing its called something stupid by michael buble. When I sing this song it sounds blended least better than the others (with the music) was wondering if this would be my voice that I am looking for since I am most comfortable singing it? Duh!! Hard to explain my questions..............thanks for all your videos. You are awesome!


      • Anthony Rosales

        Hey James, if it sounds like its not blending into the music, it probably means you're out of key. Some songs actually require you to sing flat or sharp. If it sounds like its not blending, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't sing. It just means you have to hit only the notes allowed in that song's key.

        • Kimberly B

          Anthony, that is a great point. sometimes some songs even have specific accidental notes which are part of the singer's melody but not the key.

          On the other hand some karaoke systems provide a way for a singer to "cheat" from the original version, to lower or raise the pitch of a song to accomodate an entire key change that is not just the sharpness or flatness of several difficult notes. I've found sometimes just one semi-tone pitch change makes a world of difference in singing a song.

  • Joe Reeves


    I am not sure if its possible to fix my voice. As much as I try exercises to improve my voice. My voice sounds good only in the shower and at night when I am really relaxed and all alone. I think my problem is too fold at this point.

    Firstly, I am a big guy with a higher than expected voice that has no range. Plus if I try to hold a note my voice breaks. Kinda like if you were to speak into a fan.

    Secondly, because I have tried to sing when I was younger and failed. I have become very self conscience about my voice and I do not sing freely at all when other are listening.

    I think I am a big mess. I just really wanted to be a singer when I much younger but everyone including some instructors just told me I was terrible and hopeless.

    I want to believe that your courses could help. I love your teaching style and I really like your energy but I think that I might be a lost cause. I hate putting it so bluntly but I have tried so many methods and they only seem to make me sound worse. I wish I could record my voice so you could here it to see what I am saying.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my plight

    • Anika D

      If only there was a way to get you to feel relaxed when you're singing in front of people like when you're singing at home.
      I think you should keep on doing it and you should never give up. You'll get better with time. Never give up on yourself, youre never a lost cause !!

  • Caroline

    I like the tip about being grounded, links in to my tai chi practice so I see how I can use that to help my singing. I am a beginner singer, although a proficient musician. With an instrument, I have no problem expressing the music physically. When singing, with no instrument to focus on, I feel very awkward and don't know what to do with my self! I end up twisting my hands nervously! Any tips you have on what to do with the body whilst singing, for a rather self-conscious novice singer, would be great. Your enthusiasm and creative approach is so helpful.

  • Robert Mohr

    Hello Felicia,

    That you for offering so much of your time to those of us who are trying to Improve our singing capabilities.

    I have been singing in choruses and local choirs for a long time. My main problem is I am losing some of my music skills to Parkinson’s Disease. The same as Linda.Ronstadt. (That is where any comparison between us ends!)

    I still can read music, and sing bass in our church choir (about 50 singers.) But I feel my range and pitch are slowly diminishing. Before I spend any money on lessons, are you aware of any exercises designed to strengthen the vocal chords, and voice boxes that might help.

    can your upcoming course possibly help?

    thank you for your consideration.


  • tristany lafleur

    So, I watch The Voice and The XFactor all the time and I will often hear a performance that I think sounded flawless and yet one or two of the judges will say that the singer was a little "pitchy". All I can think is, my God, if they sound pitchy, I must really sound like crap. I've loved music and singing for as far back as I can remember and I thought I had a pretty good ear for music. I mean, I can tell if a note is off or if the harmony isn't right on, but I just don't hear it when a performer is said to be "a little pitchy" How do I know if I'm pitchy? M!y thoughts after watching your video, were actually, not to think about it because that will truly just make me more nervous and that in and of itself, could cause me to be pitchy. I think that if I just really concentrate on my breath support and making sure that I'm grounded when I sing, my singing will reflect that. I don't know.......I guess that's all I can really do

  • Critter

    Those were some really great tips! Tried it out both ways (I also visualized going higher on the circle, and focusing on tree branches reaching up instead of roots, as an experiment) to see how my pitch adjusts, and it's amazing how visualizations help like that. But, there's one issue...

    I wonder, does this help if I tend to sing sharp specifically when I'm singing with others or accompanied by music? I can usually sing dead on under circumstances where I'm singing alone, but with other noises, it's hard for me to get my pitch right when I can't hear myself. I think my pitch tends to get higher because I'm trying to hear myself "above" the other sounds, while I'm trying to hit the note right, and that just makes me not hit the note right. I don't currently own (nor can I currently afford) an in-ear monitor to help with this problem. What should I do??

  • Luii

    My problem is not being sharp - i go flat sometimes without even noticing it and I don't know why it happens : ( Is there any chance you'll do a video on that? Thx!!

  • Ankur Joshi

    Well ...
    The problem according to me is , whenever i try to hit some sharp notes like eee or uuu , (vowel sounds) in particular, i feel like a huge tension inside throat, and i has to apply a lot of power and pressure to sustain that note, otherwise my voice breaks there, and if i don't apply that power my voice seems to go in to the falsetto mode, and i can reach some high notes , even by using falsetto but i just cant seem to hit A5, like it doesnt matter how hard i try, i just cant hit it!!!
    I am not sure is it something that is not possible for me ?

  • Jorge Cooper

    Hey, Felicia, It's a great pleasure to read your blog, there are many people in the world, who loves to sing but lagging behind due to some reasons, you are extraordinary, I love the way you describe how to sing and your tips makes us encouraging and makes us improve our singing capabilities.Hope you share many valuable tips in coming posts too.

  • Josie

    Hey, Fel! I really enjoyed this video. I'm currently singing a song with some pretty high notes and this helped me to make sure I stay relatively in pitch. I've tried to search through a couple of your other videos for another singing problem I have, however, I couldn't find one. I was wondering if you had any tips for breathy singers. My voice coach always harps this on me, but I can't even figure out how to make my voice less breathy. Any tips or exercises would be of use and appreciated:))

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