How to Sing "Hello" By Adele

After a mini-break from singing tips videos (due to Singing Transformation launch), I'm back!! I'm so excited to be teaching you how to sing "Hello" by Adele because, well, this song ROCKS.

This video starts with a bit of straight-up singing technique to help you engage with breath, and then learn how to let your resonance hit the "bulls-eye" and deliver maximum power and volume.

And then who could forget my weird-as-hell vowel modifications?? Well, they're in there, too, my friends.

These will give you clues about how to shape and aim your sound to make singing the powerful chorus of "Hello" much, much easier.

Leave me a comment to let me know if you like to sing this song, and whether this tutorial was helpful!

Lots of love, Fel


Felicia Ricci

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  • Aggie

    It is so nice to hear from you and it does make sense in what you're trying to explain.
    I also wish teachers in the singing classes years ago had you're imagination and enjoyment along the way.
    I do practice the hiss and I can do it 30 times and it does become much easier to control the singing and breathing.
    So thanks for that and I have become a very good listener which I think helps.
    Fel keep up the good work we need you.
    Kind Regards


  • Axel

    This is amazing, it really helps me to do the Gih and ung as well as reading and singing the silly word modifications I love them and they make me sound so much better!! Thank you so much Fel

  • hannah sammon

    Hi Felicia My name Is Hannah and a few month's ago i discovered you video's when i was looking through at singing video's on you tube and i must say i have watched most of your video's and i must say i find them amazing they are so helpful, clear, and just briliant but i was wondering could i ask you a couple of questions many thanks hannah

  • Joan

    I love you, Fel - thank you so much! SOOO easy to understand, and your techniques work for me almost instantly. Plus, you sound fabulous yourself (as always)! Thanks for making your content so accessible!

  • Dave Jones

    That's really unique! I find that I do most of that, the mask for sure. My opera director many years ago told me if I could just find a way to get the sound out that I could really have something. I did after many years and it was the mask. I sing a connected lyrical vocal line which helps me do much of what you did with the alternative pronunciation and yet I have to keep in mind that I was critiqued once that I wasn't pronouncing words very well so I concentrated on that and I teach my students to pronounce the words to tell the story of the song. And then we also use dynamics and passion and acting skills to enhance the song. YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD TEACHER. Thanks, Dave Jones

  • Aimee J W

    Love your voice! Love your teaching style. Love you Fel!
    I also love Adele but I am weary of singing like her knowing she had developed polyps. Good to be guided by you through it to prevent damage. Was poor technique and straining to blame for her vocal issues Fel?. There's so much speculation on the web concerning that. What do you think?
    My voice is changing DRAMATICALLY thanks to you! I thought I'd never be able to do this! I am feeling like I'm getting there! I still have plenty of work to do but wow! You make singing make sense! Love this video! I have just had surgery to correct a deviated septum which will hopefully mean I'll have better breath support so I can't practise this now but I will thrash this video when I'm healed. Do you think breathing obstructions in your nose would get in the way of singing Fel?

    Only got mad love for the Owl. We need to name him. How about Hoot the Owl. Cos I'm having a hoot of a time learning from you! That might invoke Hooters though so maybe you can come up with something more creative:) Thank you for another outstanding video!

  • Fred Darley III

    Like ya need to ask all your stuff is stellar. Thanks so much for your kind technique donations to us struggling artists. I especially like your technique utilizing teaching how to enunciate words and sounds to allow for maximum punch and success in mastering otherwise difficult pieces. My range has benefited greatly on all style platforms with utilization of just a few of your dictation lessons. Thanks again Fred

  • Amanda McCrary

    I totally like your technique of the alternate lyrics even though I tried not to laugh and tried more to concentrate on what you were teaching but I also like the "mask" you were talking about. I sang a solo in the choir at my church a couple of weeks ago and I think I did that without even thinking about it. I took a deep breath to control my breathing as well as to hold out the notes, especially the high notes. I opened my mouth and as I hit the ad lib high notes that I added in, I could feel my "mask" and I didn't have to use very much breath support as I hit the notes. Forgive my repetition but I really enjoy your videos. The videos about breath support and the "mask" help me out a lot. Thanks for the lesson. You're an amazing teacher.

  • Kevin Lemus

    Thanks Fel!

    I was wondering if you could do this for Sara Bareilles' song: Brave. I'm currently learning this song, but could use some help with vowels. I transposed it into a good key, but the chorus is just extremely too high. I would very much appreciate some help on what is also another amazing song written by a woman equally as talented as Adele.

  • Janet

    Awesome, Fel!! You are truly inspiring and encouraging!! Love this song too! Hope I have the chance to converse with you. GOD bless and keep on spreading the LOVE of singing & voice finding 🙂

  • Arline

    Hi Fel,

    Jazz wanna zei uw amazin'. Seriously, I hope one day I can have lessons with yah. 🙂 and the day I can express that one talent which I love so much to the best I can.



  • Franziska

    Who does not want to sing Adele’s songs? Thank you for doing this, I enjoyed watching you sing and explain the song :). I like your version of it! I'll try to keep your tips in mind, too! And I'm totally amazed how you can make these nonsense-lyrics sound like the actual lyrics :).

  • wisdom

    Hello... Fel it's me wisdom,I just have a question please it's a little bit hard for me to use my ghi sound,I use my noise sound to sing Adele song, is it good to use my nosie sound ahah ?

  • Sheila Jones

    I love this vid!!! Brilliant. Your tips help immediately. And I feel like I have something to work on to improve. I also love how you describe getting breath in there, down low. Fantastic. Works for me! xx

  • Patrick Kitane

    Hi, Fel! You have been the first vocal instructor/teacher I have ever followed with and I am so lucky to have found you. The way you teach us is very effective because you know how we feel on the first place. Anyway, my problem is I don't know how to translate some techniques into a guy's system, for I am. It's like every time I practice, I tend to imitate the original versions of most songs, chiefly sung by females, because I get lost when I lower my pitch. And every time I did that, I sounded like a dying goat (as what a classmate of mine told me). May I ask for any advice? Thank you, Fel.

  • Rodelio

    Hi Fel,
    Thank you very much, I,m quite old enough but I love singing very much, it makes me happy and feel younger all the time. I'm enjoying your coaching videos and hopefully will improve to truly enjoy and love singing. Again thank you very much indeed...

  • Ilda

    Fel, thank you so much for these free lessons, I am so happy to have found you, and just on time!
    I really want to sing again as I did in childhood:)

  • Cory Kraze

    First, thanks to you this song has been much easier for me to practice! Your video, especially the word mods and the "low note lots of breath" concept were very helpful for me!

    I think you speak your mind so well because you can explain in detail and give clear images of what we, as singers and artists, are probably doing wrong but you also give amazing advice and direction to put us on the right path!

    Also, I think your voice is very theatrical! You should try singing Opera or something XD

  • Madi Gold

    You are so wonderful Felicia, thank you for doing these amazing videos, they help so much! I'm super excited to use this lower tones technique in other songs as well. You rock!

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