How to Stay Healthy During Winter (For Singers)

Maintaining good vocal health is especially crucial in the winter months! If you've found that your singing just gets harder in the winter, you're not alone, and you're not a weirdo. The combination of cold weather, dry indoor environments, and nasty colds makes singing in winter harder....period!

In this video you'll learn why it's important to:

(1) Sleep with a humidifier next to your bed

(2) Drink tons of water

(3) Bundle up when you go outside!

(4) Warm up in the shower

(5) Take longer to warm up (in general)

Hope this is helpful! Stay healthy, my friends.

Love, Fel


Felicia Ricci

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  • Evelyn

    Thanks so much for these fantastic tips Fel! I struggle way too much with singing when it is just too cold in Winter - the cold really affects my body that I feel like giving up singing in Winter. But I do find that steaming - putting your head under a towel over a bowl of hot water, really helps. Thank you for this video!

  • Amy H.

    Love the video--and the hat! Great tips.
    I wonder... I know we should be drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and healthy during the normal course of the day (and when we wake up), but should we add something to the water just before/during singing practice, or drink something else? I find that drinking plain water just before practice tends to make my vocal cords feel drier, like the water is washing away the natural moisture there.
    Thanks! Off to check out the free vocal warm ups!

  • Adela

    I've got great recipe for winter tea! It's the best medicine for me. Take raspberry or fruits of the forest taste tea, add some grated ginger, wait a few minutes and add spoon of honey 🙂

  • david thomas fortier

    Thanks for these video Fel Dave in florida... i thought i was the only 1 that was weird when winter comes and my vocals .so true what your saying ..i live in florida .. i do very thing you do if not more ... understanding why thank to you !!!...vocals take so long to warm up ... i was wandering there times. i feel when i sing and my -be am singing in correctly so struggle thinking i my be singing to long or my singing may be in correctly .. i get times where my voice gives out or gets scratchee a suggestion video

  • sariah

    Great video and definitely helpful. I'm definitely going to buy a humidifier.
    Also what really helps is cleaning the sinuses with a nose shower with special salt.
    It helps me to prevend a sinusitus and helps to get rid of a cold much faster.

  • Tessa

    Thank you so much for this video Fel, I'm still rather new to singing and have been pretty frustrated with myself throughout these winter months, wondering why it seemed more difficult than usual to get my voice warmed up. Love the adorable hat too!

  • Ashby Patrick Harris

    Hello Fel,
    I have not been able to access the Singing Transformation, because I am told that my password or email address is wrong. I am also not able to reset my password. Can you please help me here.
    Ashby Patrick Harris

  • Desiree Jones

    Reviewed this video again...the image of voice floating on breath is simply wonderful; singing from belly helps too. I just love this Singing Transformation course. It really is transforming my whole attitude and vocal approach so much for the better. Thank you always, Fel!

  • Gianella Lisbeth Rumiche Inga

    Fel! <3 Thank you so much for these awesome tips!...Above all, because here in Peru is quite cold now, so the video was pretty useful. I have been practicing some of them, so I vouch for the tips...Also, you remind me drinking much water as I can...thanks again! Winter is better with that, you're a fantastic professional voice finder!!! Greetings from Peru! 😀

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