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I love teaching online courses. Why? Because they take the traditional (and flawed) 1-lesson-per-week model & deliver incredible value, at a fraction of the price. And most singers get crazy fast results.

It’s so much better than going to weekly lessons, because you can go back and relearn and practice over and over. --Diane A., online voice student

Join 85,000+ of my students and learn via my videos, audio downloads, & text guides. Take each course at a pace that works for you. Lessons are available forever, and you can revisit them as many times as you like.

Let me be the Voice Finder in your pocket.

Belting Crash Course

100% FREE! This short 'n' sweet 3-video course teaches you the quickest, most effective techniques for belt singing.


  • Learn the simple and foolproof science behind belting
  • Sing along with 40 minutes of video and 15 minutes of audio
  • Eliminate your vocal break in the very first lesson
  • See results in less than one week

Free Vocal Warmups

100% FREE! Learn how to practice your singing daily -- building your skills without wasting time.

  • Over 40 minutes of free video instruction + audio + text guides
  • Videos include detailed cueing so you know what to work on
  • Free audio downloads let you create your own practice playlists
  • End the confusion & understand how to structure practice

Belt Your Face Off

Go deeper into belting! This 3.5 hour video course teaches you advanced belting techniques, with tons of warmups, audio downloads, and strategies for how to belt healthily in performance. Read student reviews! >

  • Develop pro-level consistency
  • Daily practice sessions, homework, and text guides
  • Interactive, one-on-one style video lessons
  • 41-page singer resource manual + FAQ document

The Lazy Singer's Warmups

Do the bare minimum & watch your voice grow! 12 simple & easy warmups to free your voice. Weird 'n' wild multi-functional warmups that give you maximum results in just minutes per day.

  • 10 to 33 minutes of warmups that work fast
  • Detailed cueing and demo videos
  • Audio downloads let you practice anywhere
  • Perfect solution for singers with limited time

Singing Transformation

My elite training program! This 8-week, take-at-your-own-pace video course leads you through the foundations of singing, breathing, how to practice, singer strategy, self-confidence and more. Huge results, major breakthroughs.

  • 96 lesson videos, audio downloads, homework assignments
  • Practice with innovative “visual cueing” videos
  • Certain tiers of enrollment include personalized coaching
  • Explore the mind-body connection, build self-confidence