Live Lesson Replay!

If you missed my live YouTube lesson on June 29, 2017 you can still watch it! I'll leave it here for a limited time.

The topic is: What separates AVERAGE singers from AWESOME singers?

(Psst! I even sing a song I write at the end.)

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  • Fiona McGilivary

    Hi Fel, never thought about it that way but definitely, I have become detached from my body. I gained weight in my mid twenties and have dieted and worked out etc. Somewhere along the line totally lost the connection I had with my voice. I too was a very natural singer when I was younger, never had to think how am I making this sound, where is it coming from? It just did and when it all went wrong and I couldn't sing it was a long road back because I had to learn it all. What used to be so effortless and free, I found hard to get that back.
    I completely get what you're saying and it is possible to get it back, it just takes work and willingness. Thank you for your lessons you are amazing and feel sometimes you're lessons are sent to me when I feel at a loss.
    Thank you for sharing your song it was beautiful. Fiona xx

  • Jelena

    I hear you! I had a traumatic physical injury and my voice that I had developed til that time...just disappeared. I wasn't me anymore and I couldn't find my voice. I don't have a great one, but I felt connected anyway and I could kinda make it do what it wanted. I have passed that point but as I have up and down days and my voice can be TOTALLY different.

    This is amazing...keeps making me yawn... but I can feel the relaxation and opening and clearly more space. You're an awesome, awesome teacher.

  • Jelena

    OMG Fel! A chiropractor disabled me. I"d stay away from them and NO HAD MANIPULATIONS! They actually tear tissue. If you want to know more...e-mail me and I'll fill you in. You're comment scared me for you!

  • Peter Mansfield

    Hi Fel,
    Just caught up with your Live Lesson Replay.
    What I really like about your teaching method is that it's not a method at all. It's all so wonderfully natural!
    Your enthusiasm and love of singing and your obvious joy of passing on your extensive knowledge and experience to the World makes your lessons so enjoyable and entertaining as well as being full of clear and very helpful instructions. You're a very inspiring teacher because you're an inspiring person!
    Congratulations on your wonderful performance of your song at the end! If you were nervous there wasn't the slightest hint of it! Could we have more of that please?
    I'm a 68 year old guy who retired a few years ago and has decided to realise an unfulfilled ambition of learning to play the guitar and sing well enough to walk into a music/folk club on an open mic night and do a performance without emptying the room! I may have left it a little bit late in life though! But I don't really mind if I don't make the club gig as I'm enjoying the journey anyway.
    I'm really looking forward to your next lessons.

    Thank You for all your efforts,

    Peter Mansfield

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