Look, Ma! I'm a marketing "success story!"

This past summer, a group of men wearing button down shirts and thick, artistic glasses brought tons of camera equipment to my apartment. Then they interviewed me about my experience email marketing with their company, Aweber! Then we drank cold brew coffee, and discussed my pit stains, because it was boiling hot outside.

The result is below: a snappy 2-minute video about how I use YouTube and email marketing to drive my online singing and self-development business.

Definitely check it out if you're someone itching to start your own online business, or if you're curious about how my little operation works! (Note: you can't see them, but the pit stains were there. Oh, they were there.)

Aweber also posted an accompanying article on their blog that goes into greater depth about my email marketing, which you can read here.



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  • Gracy

    Hi Fel
    Thank you. This video was really helpful. I never saw my body as an instrument and never knew sound could be aimed at different places in the face. I have written a few songs and have melody for each one but I would love to sing them someday like you do.

    Please send me any email with tips and lessons you may have. I would have loved to take your full course but unfortunately I can't afford it financially hence had to settle for 'ssm'.


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