My Love Affair with BBC Radio 1

I've always secretly wished I was British. If you were to crack open my middle school diary, one of its first sentences would read: "I am writing in an effort to sound and feel more British." Ignoring the identity crisis component, I want to cite this as definitive proof of my lifelong anglophilia.

So imagine my delight last Christmas when I received an email out of the blue from The Scott Mills Show, a national British radio program on BBC Radio 1. They had seen a few of my "How to Sing _____ by ______" YouTube video series (in which I break down lyrics from popular songs and give you alternate, more "singer-friendly" vowels) and asked me to call in and teach Chris Stark, the co-host, how to sing "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues.

To accommodate the time difference, my interview was at 6am (see haggard photo below). I was incredibly nervous, but Scott and Chris instantly put me at ease. Plus, it was interesting to experience firsthand what taping a radio show is like. If you slip up or misspeak, it's quite easy to pause, speak "off the record," and then do another take. Very low-pressure.

6am, Skyping in the kitchen with Scott Mills

6am, Skyping in the kitchen with Scott Mills

Six months later, this past June, I returned to the show for another segment! This time, I taught Chris Stark how to sing "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding in an effort to get an iPhone "song recognition" app to correctly identify his singing.

At the time, I forgot to post it to my website and social media, so I'm posting it here somewhat belatedly, for all interested. It's silly, tongue-in-cheek stuff, but quite fun to listen to. Below is a 12-minute excerpt that includes my portion of the show. Check it out if you're curious!

bbc listen graphic

And, finally - to turn this crush into a full-blown love affair - I just found out I'll be taping another segment with Scott Mills and the gang this week. Subject matter top secret! But it involves teaching another popular song, and apparently the artist will be in the studio. Stay tuned!




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