Success stories & good vibes

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If you want to find your voice, Fel will help you unravel the mystery of discovering it with sensible lessons that are straight up fun and hilarious at times. Singing should be joyous and Fel's vibe is genuine joy.

-Donna M.


I experienced results early on. I also love so many of the Bread & Butter exercises. I run through almost all of them once a day. You rock, Fel. You're an awesome vocalist and a visionary voice finder.

-Alicia T.


I got amazing results immediately from Singing Transformation! Felicia is the only teacher who has ever been able to get me to understand certain techniques. So as soon as I finally understood what I was suppose to be doing, my singing skills took off and I was able to do things I had never otherwise been able to do before!

-Mikaela C.


I have told friends about Singing Transformation, because I wish everyone would do it just to experience what it's like to actually work on your voice. The exercises are so helpful and you can go back and keep working on them. There are things that I learned after one week that I didn't learn after 5 months with a seasoned vocal teacher. Anyone who has the desire to sing, but doesn't know their voice completely would benefit so much from this course even in a short amount of time.

-Dayna C.


I was inspired by the way Fel teaches singing. It makes you feel confident. And the lessons are fun and easy to understand. Fel you are an amazing vocal coach.

-Leslie G.


It's so much better than going to weekly lessons, because you can go back and relearn and practice over and over.

-Diane A.

 I watch and practice with Fel's videos because the visual and vocal reminders are soooo helpful. Thanks so much, Fel. You have helped me faster than any other teacher. You have gotten into the physical, mental, and emotional depths masterfully!

-Desiree J., Singing Transformation student

First major lightbulb moment! It literally felt like I was opening new doors in my face. Oh my goodness! It’s really fun to discover these things we already possess inside of us! Fel, girl…you have a gift! Thank you SO much for sharing it with all of us!!

-Abbey P., Singing Transformation student


My confidence to move forward was sparked. Singing Transformation is a brilliant course! Bravo, Felicia Ricci.

-Kelvin R

rachel b

Fantastic. I’ve studied voice on and off for years, but never really got it. Fel makes you feel good and confident from the get go, no intimidation. It’s all "you can SO do this."

-Rachel B.


You've helped me get out of the "what's your range?" box and feel comfortable exploring notes I didn't think I was capable of before.

-Bobbi R.


Thanks for making me feel more comfortable with describing myself as a singer. I still have a long way to go, but I believe I'm strong enough to continue the journey.

-Carolin M.

betsy j circle

Today I sang a solo in our church's Christmas program. I employed many of your techniques for breathing, "open up shop" and confidence. The song was a huge success and I want to thank you… My local voice teacher may have taught me how to sing but you have taught me how to THINK. I have learned more from you in these few months than I have after 2 years with my voice coach here. I am most thankful and look forward to the next section.

-Betsy J., Singing Transformation student

miia circle

I have to share this! I have never sung in front of my parents. A couple of days ago I went to a karaoke bar with my family and I decided to do it. I sang The Clash’s "Should I Stay Or Should I Go," and I succeeded to stay in a positive state of mind, thinking "I don’t need to please anyone, not even my parents, or be perfect." I’m here just to have fun (and be a badass rockstar!). Well, guess what? My family absolutely loved it! The whole bar loved it! It was amazing and I could hardly believe it! And it’s crazy how much more confident singer I am now compared to, say like three months ago.

-Miia, Singing Transformation student


I've tried so many other programs, and still take private lessons but I really felt like I plateaued. You have designed a fantastic course and gained a loyal student. Singing Transformation is better than any program I've ever tried. And I've spent thousands on my voice and still was not where I wanted to be until now. Fel is the sh*t!

-Aaron J.


My Transformation came at first with the visual cues. Ultimately it was confidence and song selection (with practice logs) that led me to analyze and be more specific about the resonance and color I wanted to produce.

-Ben N.

Fel, I just have to tell you. You are THE most amazing teacher. I started Singing Transformation after learning from your YouTube clips. It feels so good to start a course where it feels like you already know your teacher, and you know that she is amazing! I was hesitating towards whether or not to invest the money, but in your introduction to the course you literally BLEW my mind! I was able to reach down lower than ever before! You are awesome. Thank you.

-Gaia G.

I’m really glad having joined this course, Fel! Your way of teaching is so refreshing. What was holding me back in the past was that my former singing teachers were so focused on “bending” my tones into shape, that I subconsciously started panicking and tensing up which was not good at all, especially for my confidence as a singer. I strongly believe that your course is going to help me so much more to relax, trust myself/my voice and to have fun when singing. I already feel so much better about my singing since I joined Singing Transformation.

-Dayna S.