Sing Without Tension - 3 Easy Warmups

Vocal tension is the #1 culprit of strained singing, vocal fatigue, burnout, and vocal problems! These 3 warmups will help prime you for relaxed, open, free singing.

Remember: if you're someone who experience lots bodily tension (like yours truly!), singing without tension is possible -- you just have to incorporate relaxation techniques into your vocal routine.

The 3 vocal warmups in the video below are:

(1) The Teapot Hiss - eliminates lower body, ribcage, and lower back tension that can creep "up the chain" and affect your voice.

(2) The Scary Lion's Yawn - busts jaw, tongue, neck, and throat tension, all in one!

(3) "Oh, Wow!" - a simple warmup to reinforce a relaxed jaw and open throat.

Try these simple vocal warmups and let me know if they help you relax and free up your voice! I'd love to hear from you in the comments section.

Also -- stay tuned for my vocal warmup series called "The Lazy Singer's Warmups," coming soon! Sign up for email updates to the right and you'll be the first to hear about them, along with fun bonus goodies, once they're released.



Felicia Ricci

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  • James Kevin

    Excellent, Thank you. #2 should be the Scary Zombie Yawn. lol.
    Vey helpful techniques. If you ever need happy upbeat instrumental music for your vids/tutorials
    I have a zillion tracks I composed that are mixed and mastered ,you can choose from.
    Please let me know when you have your next voice program,. Last time I checked it was closed:-(
    Thank you for the great exercises. My son laughed his face off when I showed him exercise #2.

    • Deb

      Thank you Fel, this is awesome! It really helped me big time. Can you also please teach on the whistle register and how to actually do it? I tried it and let's just say thank God my voicebox/head didn't explode. I wish you were in NY, so I could sign up for a 1 on 1. I appreciate you, thanks.


    • Deb

      Thank you Fel, this is awesome! It really helped me big time. Can you also please teach on the whistle register and how to actually do it? I tried it and let's just say thank God my voicebox/head didn't explode. I wish you were in NY, so I could sign up for a 1 on 1. I appreciate you, thanks.

  • Coco Bastien

    I am already on your list because i receive your emails and i am totally excited about the lazy singer warm ups serie. Something terrible happened to my vocal chords this summer. I did a stupid group rebirthing workshop on June 18th where i ended up screaming for a whole hour and developed a large polyp. Now the ENT wants to operate but i heard from a voice coach that its like an accumulation of scar tissue and can heal itself with specific natural care. Do you know about that? i also heard that many people loose the "magic" in their voice when they choose the surgery. Thats an absolute NO NO for me. Have you heard the same too?

    i really enjoy your system and personality. What you do is indispensably valuable to me.

    Thank you


  • Annie Gilbert

    I have been told I need to see an otolaryngoligist as I "grip" when I am singing and talking. I really don't think anything is physically wrong but I am always tense.........:)

    Thanks for the videos! After signing up for your channel and watching them, I feel normal. I appreciate you!

  • Dev

    Ohhhh Woooow the results of this video amazed me. My face just feels so relaxed, I'm glad I used this after a tough lesson today! Thanks Fel! <3

  • Cheri Seith

    Hi Fel, I've been a student of yours for almost a year now, taking your online courses. You have helped me so much. But little problems start to creep into my voice and I've noticed lately a little tension that affect songs that I know I can sing easily. This has helped releive the tension, especially the Lion thing. I will use it along with your warmups daily and looking forward to your new warm ups.
    I have a request..........can you teach me how to put that little "growl" in some songs that just adds to the excitement mostly at the end of a song? Example at the end of "Rock a Bye Your Baby with Dixie Mel OOO(growl) Deeee. Everytime I try it, I cough.

  • Dee McSweeney

    Excellent Fel! For me, my jaw felt extra relaxed. In addition, it felt like my soft palate continued to "stay in an upright and open position" because it too, felt very relaxed and stretched. Thank you! You really are an extraordinary girl all around with your regular personality and your singer personality. It is always a pleasure to tune in to your vocal exercises. Without knowing anyone in this forum, I (and you) can clearly see how much everyone appreciates you - period - on all levels. Thank you again. Always, I wish you and your family continued success, peace of mind and many, many more blessings in life! Dee

  • Noémie

    These warmups are great. I also clench my jaws while I sleep. I think I'll use these exercices even before I go to sleep so I can sing freely in my dreams (and not wake up with a hurting jaw). I always love your imaginative vidéos 🙂

  • toni torres

    You are wonderful thank you for everything, I have always been a terrible singer and believe it to be a block from childhood, but lately have been singing a long a word or two of a song in front of friends when music is on. It doesn't sound like much but it's a big deal for me.

    Could you...make practicing videos with all the different warm ups you've made, grouped together by lesson, without the legnthy instruction, maybe just a few key words? I have watched your videos over and over but It'd be great to have a 20 minute warm up I could do along with you. I know you have them in audio files but it seems to do wonders for my confidence if I can watch your body language while I'm practicing.

    Thank you


  • Ted Morris

    Long time subscriber to your email tips but I've never actually posted. Just wanted to say that I love all the videos you put out, I've sung semi-professionally for about 10 years now and have put to use a lot of your lessons and pointers. Keep them coming and thanks for all the work!

  • Jen

    Thanks for the awesomely effective tips! Tension is something I deal with on a daily basis as a singer as well. It wasn't until I started watching your videos that I truly understood what "singing freely" really meant (and felt like) and it has completely transformed my voice/technique. Can't wait to see your lazysinger's warmup!!! I still struggle with applying warmups on a regular basis (because, big surprise, I'm a lazy singer) so it'll be great to learn something that can be easily integrated into my every day schedule to produce positive results with minimal effort (that's what everyone wants, right?!) Keep on keepin' on, girlfran!
    P.S. Vocal warmups have also proven to be great for terrifying, confusing, and otherwise humiliating my children, making it all the more worth it. Muahaha!

  • Kiara

    Your tips are amazing. I suffer from a lot of tension when I sing and I just tried this and it helped me a lot! Thank you so much!
    Do you have any tips for breath-y singers?
    Again, thanks so much for all the tips you're awesome!

  • Tsaitami

    Loved that you addressed vocal tension. I have pretty severe TMJ and reeeaally needed these tips for releasing tension in my body overall and directly in my jaw. They were all really helpful but I think that "oh, wow" wrapped it up well. I did however, feel tension in maintaining the position, but maybe with practice and keeping the lion's yawn in mind, it'll get easier with time.

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