How Singing Can Improve Your Entire Life

Last Thursday I hosted a Facebook Live Event with my Singing Transformation class and we discussed a key revelation I had recently:

Singing does not stop after you're done singing.

Instead, it is a state of BEING that CONTINUES well after you finish creating sound.

Crazy, no? Allow me to explain! Check out the video below -- excerpts from the event. We'll also sing through a couple key vocal warmups together!


In the video above, you will:

  • Sing through an easy example of a Singer Ritual/vocal warmup session -- 2 simple vocal warmups, the lip trill (starting at 3:38) and an "NG" exercise (starting at 6:08)
  • Sing along to the warmups with "Visual Cueing," singing cues written on the screen to help reinforce technical concepts like singer breath, mouth shape, and resonance (Visual Cueing is a technique I developed to teach Singing Transformation)
  • Learn how singing is a state of physical, emotional, and mental alignment that extends long AFTER you warmup.
  • Discover that this is your singer superpower! Singing doesn't stop after you're done singing....

Singing sets the tone for your life. Practicing a daily Singer Ritual helps you establish a state of presence and joy that can extend into the rest of your day.

What do you think? Does the idea of singing as a state of BEING get you psyched?

Did you sing along to the warmups? How did they feel?

Leave me comments to let me know!

xo Fel


Felicia Ricci

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  • Dave Chaffe

    HI Fel, great video and an interesting idea and I'm grateful to you for sharing it and creating this hub for those who want to sing their best. I believe that meditation is a very creative process and that singing is as well. Seems like a natural fit especially for those that use any sort of noise centred meditation like UUUUUUUUUUUM. Although, the trick, for me at least, is just doing it regularly.....why do you think we resist!

    Best wishes.

  • jill goldman

    Thanks, Fel! That idea is very much how I think about singing - when I sing, I feel open, relaxed, happy, connected, energized, and when I finish, that feeling usually DOES stay with me the rest of the day. I like that you mention it can be our "superpower". Indeed! Thanks again!

  • DeLoren

    Thank you beautiful! That is some great techniques. Although I am really challenged by doing the trill, that really is quite amazing the way you are able to do it.

  • Christina

    Oh my god Fel, recently I had a session with my life-coach – and she mentioned singing is my hearts tuning fork. And Its all about how to stay tuned to inner connection while not singing! Thank you for your video. This is a bigger understanding of everything.

  • Jelena Ristic

    I have started taking meditation very seriously lately, and it has IMMENSELY improved my quality of life and effectiveness in everything I do. This is like a double whammy...meditation and singing and singing as meditation and carrying a 'feeling' around you can check into throughout the day to ensure you are on track is an amazing idea.

    I love ALL YOUR videos and can't wait for the Singing Transformation course to open up to take it again.

    btw...I was a dancer who got disabled (long story) SLOWLY getting better, but couldn't do any exercise really and still can't so I started Kundalini Yogic Breathing meditation and SINGING...even though I am one of the people who really doesn't like my singing voice because it, like meditation, makes you healthier and happier and helps healing!

    Singing is phenomenal and the way you teach it especially with loads of metaphors and images works amazingly well for me. I am currently now just enjoying your free courses while waiting for your main course to open up.

  • Gerry

    Hi Fel. Thank you for another great lesson. You have a really superb way of describing how to do these exercises, techniques etc. I've been battling bad vocal technique for years, signed up for another course over 3 years ago and was disappointed with the lack of clarity that the guy had when describing how to do all the exercises, and how to apply techniques etc. Have been disillusioned since. I've been watching your courses and signed up your short course on Belting. Your advice has been great and really well explained, clear and easy to understand, The results have been ground breaking for me and is helping me get over a rut that I have been trapped in for many years. Feeling very hopeful. Thank you and best wishes from Tasmania Australia!!

  • Evelyn

    Fel, your insights are like little pieces of gold scattered around this world-wide singing community! I love singing because it is a never-ending process of discovery, and of finding ourselves.

    You mention intention a lot here and I discovered this too, just coming out of singing over Easter for four days straight. I realised that I sing better at Easter and Christmas because I have a clearer intention and focus at these times, and the message I deliver through my singing with others seems bigger. How do I maintain that focus at all times? By starting with intention. I also realised that perfection is never the goal and aiming for that just puts unnecessary pressure on myself and others. It is easier to let go and learn to trust the process. Mistakes happen, and things don't always go to plan. But realising the important intention behind the singing was key for me, and your video, for me, is along the same lines. Without purpose behind our passion (our music), singing is like a bird without wings.

    I wonder if you plan to do more videos or a little course about this - singing intention, mindset, and how singing permeates our whole lives? It is a fascinating topic!

  • alvaro

    you have all the right and most effective info. for singing any song PERIOD........
    I'm with you that singing is the best healer of all the medicines for our Happy, Healthy and Wealthy lives
    for it is indeed a psychic experience.
    Feeling depressed, stressed or negative??? just sing your emotions and feelings out of your self into the wind and feel Renewed.
    Please send me info, on the chest-head mix singing............
    Thanik so much for sharing your GIFT with all of us Mortals........
    Hasta La Vista.........

  • Eda

    Hi Fel -

    I love the Fish Lips! I have been trying to hit a belty-ish riff - and I was hitting it wide. Fish lips helps tons. Thank you!

    Your Amateur Friend.

  • Denitsa Aleksandrova

    Dear Fel, I came across your videos recently as I am taking singing lessons and I just LOVE them. The things you say, the energy you radiate it's just GREAT. This video I just watched and I find it amazing, "singing is a state of being you dont switch off"... And yes I did the exercises and I enjoyed them a lot. I feel like doing them again after writing this comment. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing. Please keep on...Love you <3. I wish you could come to my country and make a singing seminar.

  • Alice

    Hi Fel,
    Singing always makes me feel great!!!!! And the tips that I have watched from you have really helped me to get a nicer sound, strengthen mixed voice for an even sound. I sing in a choir and
    I have been told that there is quite an improvement which makes me even happier when I sing!!!! I would like to be in that state all the time!!! It is hard to stay in that place with all daily stuff. The truth is that I don't have a daily singing ritual . I am curious as to if I had one , would I be able to keep that state of joy????? I think it's time to try.......

  • Jelena Nedelkovski

    Hi, Fel!
    I just want to say BIG THANK YOU for everything that you're doing! Your videos have helped me so much, I've learned many new, interesting things that have improved my singing very much! And from you I have found out about very important tips for singing that I have not heard before, not even during my classical musical education. Looking foward to see your next video! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Monique Richert

    Thanks again Fel, I love your videos, it helps me stay by what i love to do, singing, it reminds me to praxis on a everyday base. The N.Gs, thing was new for me and i really felt my breath on my mouth, that was a great experience, i will take this in my daily routine. offcourse i share this video on my FB page, love your work, Thanks Fell, you are great, PS: love your hair, it fits you

  • Brenda

    Singing can be a best profession If someone is passionate about singing and always enjoys singing. I am glad you shared the information with us. Thanks for sharing Felicia.

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