Sneak Peek at The Lazy Singer's Warmups!

Do you struggle with knowing how to warm up your voice, especially on days when you're time crunched?

I've been there.

Even if you only have 10 minutes, it's better to warm up efficiently than to skip a practice session altogether.

But WHAT exactly do you do? And is it really possible to get good vocal work done in a short amount of time??


And I've got your back 🙂

Enter: The Lazy Singer's Warmups! -- my brand new warmup set. It's designed to build consistency, vocal freedom, and relaxed, open singing in just 10-33 minutes per day.

You get the MAXIMUM amount of results in the absolute MINIMUM amount of time.

If you only have 10 minutes, I’ve got you covered. A little more time? You can keep going with 3 more. And so on. And on days when you have 33 minutes? Do the entire set!

Any way you slice it, you build vocal consistency without wasting time.

As a bonus for my awesome email subscribers and blog followers, I'm posting Lazy Warmup #2 below -- it's called "The Lip Trill Extravaganza!"

For a sneak peek at what these warmups are like: (1) Watch the Cue video, where I explain how it works and what to do, (2) Watch the Demo video of me singing through the entire warmup, (3) download the audio file (.mp3) for you take with you and practice, (4) sing along and feel how this simple warmup gets your voice all gooey and open!

The full set of Lazy Singer's Warmups includes 12 warmups, each with a detailed cue video and full demo video, as well as audio downloads for all warmups. You also get a free bonus .PDF of singing-related FAQs that will become available in the next couple weeks.

Please watch the cue video, and then give The Lip Trill Extravaganza a try (you can sing along with me)!


Right-click HERE to download the "Lip Trill Extravaganza" audio file >


Do you like what you're seeing / hearing / feeling? I hope you'll join me in the full Lazy Singer's Warmups course!

*UPDATE on 11/25/16 -- All warmups now available! 🙂 Get them here!*

Lazily yours,

xo Fel


Felicia Ricci

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  • Joseph King

    Good job Fel! You've got the touch. The lip trill will really help so I promise to work at it, but I have to admit, for some reason I never like doing it. I'm thinking now it will help support even better breathing than I now have, making me so good and powerful a singer I won't be able to stand myself! Autograph anyone.......?

  • Craig

    You have so much good stuff to share - how about packaging the best set of things to practice on a daily commute (while sitting / driving)? Might not be the best thing to do on the subway 🙂

    • Felicia Ricci

      That is such a smart, practical idea -- EXCEPT! Because I teach that you should actively think about singing while you do it, to reinforce good habits and muscle memory, I can't in good conscience condone car warming up 🙁 Sad I know. I just don't want it to be dangerous for you!! Instead, try shower singing? Or while you're on the toilet! xo Fel

  • Evelyn

    Amazing Fel!! This felt so good! Can't wait for the full set and videos. You really hit the nail on the head with this stuff for singers - brilliant work. So wonderful to have you as our teacher!

  • Floyd Goddard

    Ms Fel, I am not much of a singer, never was and never will be but I enjoy your e-mails and the tips that you so freely deliver. I do some of the exercises that you demonstrate but not to the point that it would be considered practicing to be a singer. The long and short of it is: I love your e-mails, I hope you will keep me on your mailing list even though I am not an active learner. Sincerely, Floyd G.

  • Lisa

    when you inhale do you use both nose and mouth to breath?. I met 1 of the singer at the end of the show...she said never use nose to inhale?. Is this true?

    • Felicia Ricci

      Hi Lisa! I inhale through both my nose and mouth - it is the most efficient way to take in air and helps to keep your nasal passageway open. Inhaling SOLELY through the nose can be tricky and constricting, so it's best to combine with an inhale through the mouth. xo Fel

  • Gel Pedro

    Hi Fel! I'm excited to try this at home and share it with friends 🙂
    I am currently teaching a choir (ages 10-15).
    Our guitarist is kind of grumpy, and he doesn't feel like playing if the kids don't know the song yet so we usually practice without him.
    Hope this video can help us coz we only have small amount of time to practice, plus they're kids so it's hard to get their attention.
    Thanks for your free videos 🙂 <3

  • Jutta Cappallo

    Dear Fel, as I wrote you already, your vids are fantastic (as YOU are :)), you're doing such a good job! One question to make it more clear to me: the rip cage has to stay open while singing, but the under belly is going slowly inside, right? Yours, Jutta

  • Guillaume PROTET

    Hi Fel,

    Really nice videos and I can't wait for the full "Lazy Singer’s Warmups" program !

    I have one question: is there a male version of the audio file ? Does the full program will include audio files for males ? The notes seems to be very high and unreachable for me. I usually sing in low notes range...

    Thanks a lot for all your amazing work !

    Cheers from France.

  • Amy Lott

    Wonderful! Looking forward to this whole series. I am truly learning so much from the Belting course too. Thanks for doing what you do Felicia! My regulars at gigs have asked who I am obviously taking lessons from. Results. Ah!! Finally. ????

  • Sara

    Hi, Fel,

    Totally agree that lip-trill is great for warm-up. As well, it's a good tool when learning new music. I always learn my notes with lip-trill; it does not strain the vocal cord on high or low. Enjoy your lesson write-up and videos.

  • Cindy G

    Wonderful warmup tips and instruction - thank you. And, thanks for responding to our many questions. I learn a lot from others questions and your replies in the comment sections as well. I wasn't aware that practicing in the car is a bad habit, but now get it - that the posture of our bodies is quite important, as well as our driving safety. Shower practice is good as you suggest, but you should turn off the water in drought years 😉 (I'm still pondering the toilet suggestion.)

  • Trinayan

    Hi Fel,

    I am struggling with my voice for many years. Can u listen and say me that it can be workable or not?? If i sing for too much time my voice get crack, what can i do for this?? Can you provide me some tips.

    Your lip trill exercise is really nice. I tried it and now i have a good pronounciation.

    Thank you

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