Take My Singer Survey and We Might Skype!

Singer friends! I would love your help with a quick “singer survey” (below). If you complete it, you’ll be eligible to Skype chat with me (totally optional…but I hope you'll be into it, as I love talking with you guys!)

Quick background: I’m always revising my elite training course Singing Transformation: 360 Degrees of Vocal Training. As of now, this course only opens 2X per year, because I put lots of time and attention into the curriculum and course experience.

This course represents me as a teacher and is very comprehensive, designed to grow you into a CONFIDENT and self-sufficient singer. It was developed directly from singer feedback (a.k.a. you guys!) and twice per year I re-open and update the course to reflect surveys and feedback, exactly like this one.

NOTE: At the end of this form is an opt-in to be eligible for a one-on-one interview with me. Be sure to check YES if you’d be interested in some one-on-one Skype time with me, as I’ll be selecting 3 (maybe more) students to chat with after I read your responses!

Survey is open through 3/23/16, so be sure to submit by then!

Thank you for being a part of my ridiculously cool singer community!

xo Fel


Felicia Ricci

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  • Christel

    Hi Fel. I just saw you on youtube and I instantly became a fan. I then watched all your videos especially those during Wicked days and I so love your voice and your acting!!! I was so thrilled that you are helping singers like me to hone our craft in a simple (not to mention...hilarious) yet effective manner. Thank you thank you so much!!! 🙂

    PS: I also fell in love with Unnaturally Green. 🙂

    • visky

      So am i christel..destiny will surely prevail. .she is a great teacher..When I began to singer I was very bad..soo luckily I met her on YouTube. Watching her n learning from her, today people sings back to any music that I sing in public..n I believe it the signs. .I had a vision I will be heard this year 2016 n when am finally out..I will surely meet her..

  • Mary

    I am very thankful to you for helping us and for sharing your talent! I really hope I will get that opportunity to talk to you tete-a-tete!

  • Pam

    Hi Fel! Thanks so much for giving me the chance to ask questions! I love your segments on YouTube! I did not realize there was so much to learning to singj!
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Have a great day!

  • Dennis

    Fel, I will leave the skyping to singers with real aspirations (in other words, real singers). But I just want to tell you I love your video series. Some of my friends tell me they have helped. If you heard me you would say they were being kind, but still you're the best voice coach of all I have seen on the net. And I have heard from quite a few of them.

  • Patrick

    Will you marry me? Ha! just kidding, I hope you take that as a compliment. You are a gifted teacher - when you explain I understand. Keep up the great work. I have found a good thing when I stumbled on your videos. Thank you.

    • soa

      I get to entertain our Royal Household and their guests from overseas in the tiny little Kingdom of Tonga, deep into the South Pacific and into Polynesia, farthest from your hemisphere and deepest trench in the world, I can be found singing. (not in the trench). Since you,I have had such compliments from a top gun (UK producer) coming back with fine details for me to sign. Apparently, I must of been the very last Angel on Gods shelf. I feel like a bee buzzing around with a bike helmet on. Now I'm gonna get close to you and thank you, oh so so much Fel. Love and regards from Tonga. Soa.

  • pam

    there are so many facets to learning how to sing, and I have looked on the internet on this...learning how to sing/ singing coach and I have enjoyed you the most. you ROCK fel. and thank you so much for sharing your talent to the rest of the world.

  • Blessing Alconera

    arghhhh as much as i really wanted to join this on skype...i'm so busy at work and have no time 🙁 anywayss, i'll just always keep up on your videos Fel! More power and God bless xo xo Blessing,

  • Dylan Smith

    Thank you for all of your useful information and helpful tips! You have helped me so much already! I still feel like I'm not as confident as I can be, I'm stressing about the future! And me voice! Thanks again!!

    • Elize

      High five Fel! Just need to tell you that I enjoy your videos, your humour, your presentation and your acting. You are a great teacher/voice finder. I hope to spend many more hours in your virtual company.

  • Kub

    There is no doubt you put, Fel, your entire Spirit into your singing. Much appreciated. As a mestizo Latina, [native american and spanish] and an old woman who wants to learn to sing, but also as a person with learning disabilities, as they are called by some, I hope to be able to speak to you about this huge segment of our culture--older and in need of a certain structure in order to learn deeply and well. We are often passed over for reasons of age, particularities of learning structure that others do not realize we need in order to 'stay with it and stay with it' for we are then able to understand, instead of just be 'told."

    Your high spirits Fel, remind me of that old saying I utterly believe: 'In singing, one prays twice.' To me, that is the highest possible goal of singing: to bring one's own piece of beauty into the world daily, to raise up others, to use the entire body as instrument. Many of us are left behind in doing this, starting for many of us in gradeschool when we were told we should just mouth the words, because of dyslexia not being able to memorize well, or because some 'someone' decided they ought rout out the future 'bad singers' when said singers were only seven years old.

    The larger culture can be important too. But it is, to me, not the most important. The most important is bringing what beauty one can to whomsoever is right in front of oneself. Smiles and singing are two of the most powerful ways. Thanks Fel, sincerely.

  • Chloe AH

    Thank you so much. I found your youtube 1 month ago. I just wanted say this is a great resource for people who want to sing better. Thank you so much for all you do!!!! It must be so much of your time, but I bet you enjoy it! I appreciate this so much! Thank you so much!!!! 🙂 :):) 🙂

  • Acquina

    I would like to be on Skype , but do not have a Skype account yet and have not sorted out a personal PC for internet access to enable the privilege. hopefully next time. XOX... I am an average singer and would really love to be able to find my voice and have the confidence to really lead in singing ....

  • Neal Dallmer

    I love your lessons on YouTube!! You really have a talent for making your student (ME) comfortable! ???? Thanks.

    I've been playing in bands since I was a kid, and even sang in one when I first joined my first band at 14yo., however I admit I had LOTS of room for improvement.

    It was over a year ago I found your videos on YouTube, and the immediately rekindled my interest in singing, but "professionally" this time around. I was lucky/fortunate enough to be introduced to a fantastic opera artist named Stewart Neill. He was kind enough to recommend me to the same teacher he uses to help him with any vocal issues he needs help correcting. Fortunately for me, she accepted me as her student! She's an AWESOME teacher and person.

    Though I'm still having a very difficult time with the technique of memorization of lyrics. I'm going to have browse through your videos and see what you have to say on this matter. I feel it's good practice to gain knowledge from as many good sources as you need to get the desired result you're searching.

    Thanks again Fel!

  • loree

    You are amazing Felicia!
    I received the email to sign up for the course but how come I can never find the exact cost of the Singing Transformation Courses?
    since a friend will be paying, it would be great to figure this out, asap?
    I really have been waiting for months now and don't want to get lost, due to being misinformed and have it be "too late!"

  • Sheryl lim

    Hi Fel ,thank you for sharing us your wonderful talent ???? hope you'll give a chance to take this lesson from you. Shouting out from Canada ????????????????????????????????????please ??I hope I get lucky????????????????????I wish and I pray that you'll pick me and give me a chance ????Love yah ????

  • Riya

    hey !! i just want to tell Fel [ woah that rhymes XD] that i love her unique ways of presenting the videos. and also that my singing has improved alot since i first started seeing your videos.. and i'm not going to lie but people have actually started asking me about my vocal coach and i tell them about your videos xoxo all the love --Riya

  • Clio

    Please read my request... I really really need this ... Thank you 🙂 .. I lost s The opportunity of a lifetime because of stage fright for not being confident enough to use my chest voice

  • Jose

    Simply, love your videos and personality. I have learned more from you than years from self-education and online resources. Thank you for your posts.

  • Dianna

    Fel, love your teaching style; you make comprehending a technique easier, less intimidating, & retainable. Looking forward to your singing course opening for the opportunity to learn more.

  • Teodora

    Dear Fell, You are amazing teacher, the best I've ever heard of. I 've been watched evry single video on your channel, one day I would like to becojme singer in cartoons and I want to bild my voice ina correct way. You've helped me so much and I'll continue to learn more singing tecnics through your amazing videos. It would be awesome if I can tallk to you on skype. xo Teodora

  • Josiah

    It would be great if I made it in the chat with you Fel! I really enjoy your singing tips and secrets. They help a lot! Talk to you soon if I make it in. Oh... one more thing... *virtual high five back*

  • dhruba

    I'm seeing that everyone is being super sweet here.
    I'm gonna be honest. So many applicants, I'm not sure if I'll get it. but Fel has been a huge part of my singing life. I owe her. I just hope she helps me in perperson someday. It's hard to be different and standing up for yourself where I'm from. I just wish I could get vocal help from someone like Fel.

  • Bruce Malcolm Gras

    Your instruction is one of the very tops that I have seen. And I think I ought to know. I own and run a boutique record label focusing exclusively on featured vocalists as opposed to featured musicians or bands or any kind. Keep up the great work, and I will be using your new program coming up in April of this year for both my seasoned and long time signed artists as well as those that bring on board to my roster from now on. All the best, Bruce

  • Jet

    hi fel ! my name is Jet and i live in Holland, I get a lot of support from your videos and because I am very insecure about my singing I want to thank you very much !! xo Jet

  • Maria Alejandra

    Love you, thanks for give me good vibes. I love to sing since I remember maybe around 3 years I used to sing and now I'm giving a lot of time in learning a lot about it. Thanks for be part of this moment, singing has become so important in my life 😀

  • Shawn

    I took a singing lesson one time. Half way through the lady said she could NOT help me. After hearing your whole life that you suck at something you truly LOVE to do but most people do not like to hear it was crushing.

  • Lachlan Scotford

    Hey Fel! My name is Lachlan, I'm 15 and all the way from Australia! Your singing tips have helped me so so much the last year or so, I've watched all your vides at least twice and you're practically my best friend ??.
    I'm an artist and I drew a picture of you but couldn't work out how to send it hahah, but you're amazing! I really hope I get a chance to talk to you! It's a bit hard just through YouTube but you make it work so so well! Keep up the amazing work! ??????????
    Ps.i love your owl cushion ????
    Pps. I play guitar and if we call I'm happy to teach you some tips ????

  • Arista

    I absolutely adore your videos Fel! I'm 15 years old and I've been watching your videos for some time now. The tips you give really help me out and allow me to explore different techniques, so thank you. I would be honored to receive a Skype session with you. 🙂

  • Diane Barry

    Wow...I just found you on You Tube by accident. .....I have aspired to sing since I was a little girl...my inspiration came from all of the "old divas " my Auntie woukd play on the "Hi-Fi" that was on vinyl back then...my fave were Ms.Etta James, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone....I wanted to sing all their songs..lol...,I used to sit up nights when everyone was asleep and I would play their songs over and over and try to imitate them..
    My best was Etta' At Last...that was my Auntie's favorite...????well I joined my church choir and a local adult rock group then finally I worked up the courage to audition for the Boston Pops Gospel Choir aka The Boston Community Choir...And I made the cut woohoo....now I sing in a duo and we do oldies, Beatles and classic covers we did open mics til we dropped and finally now we play out at local pubs and we actually get paid and people tell us we are good lol....I would love to send you some of our videos fir critique and advise in music choice and improving our vocal ranges. ...is that possible, if so how can we contact you? You are amazing and I'm in awe of your energy and knowledge, talent and
    teaching methodology....I'm a fan new and eager to work with you....

  • Maris

    I start feel a bit nervous, because of - AND IF ? 🙂

    But it's good as some 4-5 years ago i chose to like this feeling in stead to try escape from it.

    I hope to get one of 3 and if not - lot of joy Fel and you 3 too 😉 and i wish success in that "Value Bridge" building between people!

  • Rafael

    Hey, Fel. I'd just like to leave a quick comment and thank you for everything that you do, and let you know that you inspire me to keep training so I can one day be a great singer like yourself. KEEP AT IT WITH YOUR GUITAR TRAINING! You'll get it 🙂

    Love from Canada.


  • Vickie

    Hi, Fel, which state do you live in ? I wish I can live next door so I can learn from you in person everyday. Wherever you live, I think I should find a job nearby . You really inspired me a lot even I still cannot really sing....

  • Bahman

    Hi Fell and thanks for all the fantastic content. I'm looking forward to the Skype lesson (hope I get it). Other than that, Wanna trade a guitar lesson for a Voice lesson?

  • Zaref

    Seriously, i'd be really happy to get a chance to have a chat with Fel. She's an awesome person and amazing singer. Heard her cover on Youtube recently, and obviously it was amazing.

  • Jada

    I really hope that I get a chance to work with you Fel!

    I mean there are lots of singing instructors on youtube, but in a lot of ways they are all the same they give the same tips and the same points but when I heard you instruct on youtube a spark lit up in me and for once I felt like i had found something new and exciting!!!!

  • wisdom

    High five Fel I love watching your videos I shouldn't lie not always but u're the best vocals teacher I think if u have a school of teaching vocal I will just ran down with plane cuz him in italy. U are sweet FEL, thanks

    HAPPY EASTER FEL............

  • Ika Kraicova

    Dear Fel,

    I am very thankful for your positive energy and lightness you speak with your singer-students.
    I am delighted by your advices and tips that are amazing. You are the best teacher I have ever met.

    Thank you.

    With my love, Ika

  • Connie

    So many singers -- I'm a little fish outta water-ish. I am NOT a singer. I just like singing in the shower. It's hard to believe people used to approach me and ask for my autograph because they were THAT certain I would be a famous singer someday. Lol. Jokes on them... ???? I'm not here to search for me though. I'm interested in healing my daughter. Have you ever worked with children? She's 9. If not, I will be a less successful student who can turn it around for her. ??

  • Colleen

    I love these you tube videos ... makes me want to watch them ALL! I think they're improving my singing as when I go to group practice I'm a little less intimidated and am surprised that my air/breath lasts longer and I can actually sing higher notes. Yipeee! I LOVE THIS!!! Looking forward to more! Keep 'em coming, please!!!

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