The Ultimate 154-Song Medley

10 years. Four medleys. Zero cue cards. One take. Read below for an explanation of this crazy video....

This 154-Song Medley video is dedicated to the die-hard fans who started watching me and my lil sister Tessa's weird videos back in 2010! If you're one of these amazing people, you already know what this insanity is: our 3 epic medleys from 2010-2011 strung together, PLUS one more glorious medley (Medley 4!), created and filmed in December 2015.

(New medley song titles are in RED, and start at 6:49)

Making medleys with my sister began while we were riding in the back of a van in Ireland, on the rainiest, most miserable 2006 family vacation of all time. To pass the time and feel less like prisoners, we sang and hummed and strung together 38 songs that we felt just "flowed together."

There was no further explanation. It just had

Four years later, in 2010, when Tessa was visiting me in San Francisco (I was living out there because I was performing in "Wicked") we realized we still remembered every. Single. Song. And so we decided to record it all from memory, with no notes, in one take.

You can watch that original video here: A 38-Song Medley.

Medleys then became like a drug! Or something truly important to us. We couldn't hang out together and *not* sing the Original 38-song medley, or discuss medleys, or string together new song combinations. All through 2010 and 2011 we would call or text each other and be like "OMG, listen to this medley transition that just came to me..." and then we'd sing or hum, and the other would usually freak out. Because there's just something so satisfying about a medley, ammiright?

And so we created Medley 2.

And Medley 3.

We've exchanged countless texts, word documents, scribbled notes on the back of napkins, to try to keep track of all the song transitions floating in our heads. We've created false starts, uninspired sections, forced connections, and have deleted entire chapters.

What are the rules to a medley? Not much, except: both siblings have to approve of the transition and make sure it works from a lyrical, melodic, or just "musical feeling" perspective. To successfully create a medley, you need to be in the flow. That's the most important part. You have to truly let the transitions come to you, almost from the sky, without forcing it.

Then in 2012, Tessa and I fell a bit out of sync. Life in the way. There were many changes, family and life upheavals, sad and challenging times. We had the memory of Medleys 1, 2, 3, but something was stopping us from moving forward.

"Fel, we HAVE to do a new medley."
"I know, I know."
"What are we waiting for?"
"It's just....not ready yet."

All throughout 2012-2014, Tessa and I tried (and failed) to create the fourth chapter, Medley 4. I was constantly switching careers. Tessa was in college. We saw each other less. There was no time for phone calls. We'd meet up over the holidays, reminisce, laugh and recall Medleys 1-3... but still, we needed time. Turns out you can't rush the process. Medley 4 just wouldn't come.

Medleys mirror life. For many years, we were blocked. Uncertain. Out of sync. Uninspired.

[Cue dramatic underscoring.]

But then..........

2015 has been an incredible year, for both of us as individuals, but mostly because Tessa and I have found a way to reconnect, rekindle that medley flame, and add another glorious chapter to the Medley Saga.

The experience has been thrilling, cathartic, surprising, and has cemented an unbreakable bond between me and my sister.

With this story in mind, we submit to you a horribly filmed, low-quality, mistake-laden, silly, free-associative, and truly unhelpful video that we hope makes you smile, laugh, or think "hey that's weird, but a little bit cool."

This 154-song medley strings together 10 years of medley work, includes all past medleys, plus one new one. It was filmed in one take, and done entirely from memory.

We hope you like it, and that it inspires you to create your own (real, or metaphorical) medley.

Felicia and Tessa


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