Vocal Warmup to Open Your Voice (and Give Yourself Love!)

Singer buds! Many of you have talked to me about the incredible amounts of tension you experience while singing, and I want to help!

I've been cooking up some cool warmups that (1) Relax you, (2) Open your voice, (3) Get you LOVING on yourself and feeling confident. 🙂

(I've been trying to come up with a title for these, I'm thinking "Let's Get Singer-High"?)

Anyway, I wanted to give you a short 'n' sweet preview of one warmup that will get you to:

(1) Open your voice and relax your throat and larynx

(2) Lift your soft palate while relaxing your jaw

(3) Look at yourself in the mirror and think HEY I LOVE MYSELF!

And here it is!

The sung line is "I LIKE LOOKING AT YOU" and the musical pattern is 1-1-3-2-1-1.

Simple, right?

Here's the nitty gritty:


(1) Look in the mirror while you do this. It will help to make sure....

(2) You keep the back of your mouth open and relaxed the whole time, kind of like you're yawning. So you sing "I LIKE LOOKING AT YOU" more like "I LAHK LUHKING AHT YUH."

(2) When you create these words, keep your jaw dropped and try not to move it. Stay open.

(3) Your tongue basically has two "touch points": the back of your bottom teeth, and the back of your top teeth.

(4) Start around a middle C and go for about an octave and change. Stop if it starts to hurt.

(5) As always, breathe using your diaphragm!

(6) Really heed the words you're saying. YOU LIKE LOOKING AT YOURSELF because DAYMN you're sexy.


Hope this warmup is helpful! Leave me a comment to let me know (1) if some more warmups from me to relax you and get you feeling the love for yourself and your voice sounds fun, (2) whether you enjoyed this warmup!




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The free training topic is:


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Cari Cole is an Artist Development Expert & New Music Business Mentor, and she has so much wisdom to offer to aspiring songwriters ready to get serious. She's going to share how there are no real "tricks" to songwriting, and describe how you can hone your artistic process to truly reach your full potential.




See you soon, amigos! xoxoxo


Felicia Ricci

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  • Maddy

    Felicia, I've been doing your vocal warm ups everyday to and from work. (Despite what I may look like to the person next to me 😉 and I just wanted to say thank you! A lot of people are in it to take but very few are willing to give.

  • Deryl Mogg

    Great info Fel. Problem is, the stupid pop up ads keep covering up your mouth so I just see stupid shit that I am not interested in and I cannot see you whom I am interested in.

    I spent the whole time, many times hitting the exes on the pop ups.

    I know you need to make money but pfft.


  • Justin

    Wow! I totally had the realization of my tongue blocking sound / not keeping my back mouth open while practicing on my way home and was about to look though the singing transformation videos to find something to fix it. Then you sent out this video! Crazy awesome timing. You're the best!

    More warm ups would be great! I run through your male and female breath test challenge every single morning, preceded by sirens, into scales, and then into ?. Singing rocks!

    Finally, thank you so much for helping me finally find my voice. Singing Transformation has allowed me to spread my vocal wings. Your course instilled confidence not only into my singing, but also into all other aspects of my life. It's crazy.

    Post script: I think we're all anxious to hear your original songs on YouTube! 😉

    Post post script: Since you're a life changer, here's a book that is a life changer -written in 1938, kept unpublished until 2011. "Outwitting The Devil" by Napoleon Hill.

    Namaste 🙂


  • Heidi

    Hi Fel,
    I love your videos, inspiration and enthusiasm. Your ideas for better singing in a practical way have helped me immensely. I have a suggestion for you. I frequently do warmups in the car and I could use a CD (make it a digital download, I don't care) that gives me a 20-30 minute complete warmup. That way, when I arrive at the next gig, I am ready to sing when I walk in the door. I would be glad to purchase this from you, let me know when you have it available!
    All the best!

  • Bob

    Very nice! I only got as far as your 5th instruction though (step 6 made me laugh too much).

    One of the great things about being rather tall and going through middle age is that most of the mirrors in my house only work from the chin down.

  • Jen

    Thanks Fel! I struggle tremendously with vocal tension. I've even been through treatment for Vocal Tension Dysphonia, a speech disorder that affects my singing. I appreciate this exercise and would love to see more tension busting tips!

  • Mel

    I appreciate this warm-up! I have a particularly hard time trying to coordinate relaxing my throat with keeping my soft palate raised. Maybe I am simply mistaking how hard I have to work to raise my soft palate. I tend to over-think and over-try anything and everything. >.<

  • Lonnie

    YES! Yes, yes, yes! Please! Thank you! A video I could watch each morning with a whole routine warm up would be awesome. (I'd like to do this in my car and I can't bring my piano with me to work or play it while I'm driving 🙁 )

  • Dee McSweeney

    Hi Fel! This really helps keep your "vocal air" pushed correctly into your "nose cavity" to create a powerful sound without straining. Just LOVE you. I've written to you personally before. As I said, I shall not forget people who have helped me along the way. You just watch . . . someday you will receive a nice gift from me. Over the last few months I've put my credentials in (for TV show co-host) for Kelly Ripa, The View, Fox Entertainment, The Daily Share, Page 6 TV, Wonderama and the brand-new TV talk show AND musical variety show "Harry". All the best to "every and all" singers out there. Keep going for the rest of your lives! Love, Dee oxoxo

  • Harmony Richard

    Your Comment Here...
    Umm hi Ma'am, this is actually my first time watching your video specifically, that of the lazy singer warm ups. It's cool and i think would help me so, am gonna practice it like always.
    Harmony from Nigeria

  • JulzC

    Hey Fel,

    I am so grateful to you! I have learnt a lot about opening my voice and reducing tension through you and I can feel the improvements. I have watched all your videos online, I do your vocal exercises with the cues and I completed the belting course I haven't been able to figure out (despite watching several videos) how to get that sweet natural vibratto in my voice at the end of phrases. I understand that it's probably as a result of too much tension and occasionally I hear a bit of it coming through but it is definitely my nemesis. Please help me find that sweet spot.

  • Kristin Nitz

    Thank you! The mental Que of laughing is exactly what I needed. I personally usually don't have pitch problems, but one of my choir student does, big time. The laughing Que is what really helped him to open up!

  • Kristin Nitz

    Thank you! This is a problem I live with. I always struggle with self-confidence. It held me back in college to be a Broadway singer. Now I am 50, and I finally like my voice. A little too late, but I sing for my church now. Thanks for being so positive!

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