What If Your Voice is Not Perfect?

Here's a thought... What if the qualities you believe make your voice less than, actually make it cool and interesting?

I've contemplated this question a ton as I venture into writing my own music. So far I'd describe my strange songs as a cross between: Grimes, Lana Del Rey, and Every Broadway Show Ever.

ANYWAY. My vocal background and training is musical theater singing, which means I'm hardwired to think: "These notes (high, low, whatever) need to come out cleanly, perfectly, and without any noticeable variation, damnit!"

And while I still love that I'm able to unify my chest, mix, and head voice cleanly (for the most part) -- and I believe it is important for singers not to be held back by any technical "holes" in their voices --

The truth is: for many genres of music, embracing our imperfections, or the reasons our voices are unique, can unlock a whole world of interpretation, variation, color, emotion, and interesting style choices.

Take it from the Leaning Tower of Pisa: imperfect is cool.

Take it from the Leaning Tower of Pisa: imperfect is cool.

For example, I am naturally higher-voiced, meaning I was born with thinner vocal folds and at certain parts of my range my voice lacks dark undertones. It instead seems to float "on top" of notes, with an almost cutesy sound to it.

When I record my voice in my home studio, I will often adjust my face shape to develop a darker tone -- I open my mouth more, drop my jaw down, and make sure I'm engaging the lower half of my face. I also stand up straight and utilize my chest resonance.

But recently I wrote a song where the character seemed...well?

Vulnerable. Feeling small. Expressing thoughts that were difficult to express.

So what did I do? I recorded a take where I thought, "Let me just embrace ME, however it comes out. Let me use this higher voice. Let it thin out where it wants to, sometimes breaking, sometimes being breathy, and maybe this will better reflect the vulnerable nature of the song."

And the result is...

NOT perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚ But (in my opinion) way, way more interesting!

Three questions for you:

1) Have you ever wondered whether "perfect singing" is really "the best" singing??

2) Are there any artists performing today that you admire who don't have perfect voices but who you LOVE to hear sing?

3) Wanna hear my first song? (Currently finishing the mix and planning to post a video soon to YouTube, but my mailing list will be the first to hear it AAAAAH!)

Leave me a comment here on my blog!

Lots of love,

P.S. I don't often fish for encouragement but, man I could use a little right now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very different process creating music versus teaching or filming tips videos. But onward I go!

Love ya.


Felicia Ricci

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    • Joseph King

      You are NOT a good teacher........you are a great teacher!

      If I had found you more years ago, than I care to remember, I think I would have done well professionally as a singer, or at least had more fun with the "pipes".

      I studied for a few lessons when I was in my 20โ€™s with the with one of the so called best operatic teachers in Miami . He couldn't get through to me at all and so I gave up on him. In fairness it could have been all on me, but I don't think so. Like you, he did not have the " gift" of being able to break through a persons head so as to make them understand the concepts and techniques.

      My point is, I feel you wrestle with the same doubts about your talent and future and where you are heading, but I can assure you are where you are supposed to be. The joy you bring to many people by giving them confidence in themselves changes lives for the better.

      Keep up the good work. You ARE appreciated!


        • Sonia

          Hi felicia, my name is Sonia and i've been watching your videos for awhile now, and let me just tell you that i love you. I have never taken a singing class, and i have been learning by myself to sing. I love your videos because i feel like i had been giving punches to the air while being blindfolded all these years, but thanks to your help i feel like i know where to punch and how to, and i really appreciate it.
          I read your email and i totally agree with you, i have developed this obssesion with disney (hard to sing songs) and broadway songs, in a way to push myself and challenge me, to discover how high i can go using all your techniques, but i feel like when i try to sing "normal" popular songs, it sounds a little boring and like (believe it or not) too perfect lol
          It's a little sad because i'm finally gaining confidence, trusting myself and learning good technique but when it comes with the not so hard songs my voice sounds plain and boring
          I hope i can fix this and learn to embrace imperfections too
          If you can fix it, please let me know lol
          PS: My favorite singers are demi lovato (because of the way she sings) taylor swift (because i love to write songs and i love the way she writes) and sara bareilles (because both her voice and her lyrics)

          • Naty

            Katy perrys got uses a lot of airy tones and i like it ! She adds it accordimg.to the lyrics ! Like in her song "walking.on.air"Ppl had made fun.of.it but i love it!

          • Naty

            Sia also slurs and breaks terrribly, squeaks and oh gosh...breaks all the rules xD and OWNS IT! I ususally know when a sia song is on!

        • Naty

          You can do it! Homestly this reqlly helped me remember imperfect is cool-- i had a lot of
          trouble ... well recovering from.thinking.of.myself as less than, and u made me reqlise how you think aboit urself reflects in your voice...and after acid reflux, and a lot of.other things well.... stuff happned. but this gave me a flash of inspirqtion to sing again, and a flash of encouragement that who i really am, aside from my voice, which also goes into song writing and vid making, , art, every creative thing ever.... is beautiful too ๐Ÿ™‚ i know somgwriting is so vunerqble becquse its your song, but im passing on what u made me feel, your awkwardness, cutesy voice, which i have too lol is AWESOME! Yeah like the leaning tower of piza.... DEFIIINNG GRAVITY!!! (No broadway pun intended.... but now that i noticed it HAH BEST PUN EVER XD)

    • Jason

      I would love to hear your first song. I don't think having a perfect voice sometimes is not the best. There is a band called the bravery the singer doesn't have an amazing voice. But, some of the songs he sings are amazing ( some are weird). I don't have a good voice at all and can't sing no matter how hard I try:(

      • Felicia Ricci

        I love weird, and I love your comment. Don't give up, just focus on songs that make you feel free and joyful. Those will naturally build your confidence and technique at the same time.

        • Izaya

          Hey fel you are incredibly talented and will let be a great music artist. And when that day roles by I'll be listening to u Haha. But I feel you on that it's hard writing music. I'm a poet and trying to put poerty into song is quite hard. But it's a work in progress. Then again hard work pays off right! Anyway you are amazing and all your tips help so much

        • Naty

          You can do it! Homestly this reqlly helped me remember imperfect is cool-- i had a lot of
          trouble ... well recovering from.thinking.of.myself as less than, and u made me reqlise how you think aboit urself reflects in your voice...and after acid reflux, and a lot of.other things well.... stuff happned. but this gave me a flash of inspirqtion to sing again, and a flash of encouragement that who i really am, aside from my voice, which also goes into song writing and vid making, , art, every creative thing ever.... is beautiful too ๐Ÿ™‚ i know somgwriting is so vunerqble becquse its your song, but im passing on what u made me feel, your awkwardness, cutesy voice, which i have too lol is AWESOME! Yeah like the leaning tower of piza.... DEFIIINNG GRAVITY!!! (No broadway pun intended.... but now that i noticed it HAH TOTALLY INTENTIONAL XD)

    • Jason

      I would love to hear your first song!. I don't think having a perfect voice sometimes is not the best. There is a band called the bravery the singer doesn't have an amazing voice. But, some of the songs he sings are amazing ( some are weird). I don't have a good voice at all and can't sing no matter how hard I try:(

    • Louise Backlund

      Hi Fel!!

      I absolutely think that there first and foremost is no such thing as a perfect voice, AND that a so called "not perfect" voice is way more interesting, because it leaves more room for emotion in the song.

      My favorite artist is Amanda Palmer and I think by checking her out it could give you some more encouragement to release your song. (I could write a short story about why I love Amanda but let's stick to her voice).

      She is a true rockstar and can really bring a lot of power to the table - many songs of hers can show that, for example songs from her band The Dresden Dolls called Girl Anachronism and Half Jack. But what you can hear also in Half Jack and many, many of her songs is the emotion. You listen to the words. The big volume pieces hits you in the face and the quiet parts hits your heart.

      She has some intimate and personal songs that are vulnerable all the way through, for example The Bed Song and The Thing About Things, but you can especially hear the emotion in her song Bigger On The Inside. If there's ANY of the recommended songs you should listen to, listen to that one (possibly Machete as well, it's about her best friend who recently died and I can't stop raving about how beautiful it is). She does in no way sing perfectly in that song. Nothing extra ordianire at all, barely any technique. But that is not what's important in the song. Read the lyrics while listening and if you don't cry, reply and tell me.

      And YES Felicia, it would be AMAZING to hear your song!! As a songwriter myself, the first share is the most difficult one. After this one it will become easier and easier.

      Sending you LOTS of love from Sweden!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      / Louise

      • Felicia Ricci

        Louise! Thank you so much for the thoughtful recommendations. I have written them all down and can't wait to listen! It's so awesome to get feedback and encouragement from fellow songwriters. I know it will get easier but right now I'm still waiting to take that first step. Going with the whole "ready, fire, aim" thing that I've been doing for the past several years since I've been publishing videos online. Anyway, your words were so helpful - so thanks again!! xo Fel

    • Beth

      No I do not think perfect singing is the best but necessary if you know what I mean. I love listening to Buffy Sainte Marie and Ian Tysonwho do not have perfect voices but are excellent balladeers!

    • Jessica

      Yes, I will be happy to hear Fel's new recorded song. For the other questions, I get goose bumps and it really takes me to an emotional place the way Anne Hathaway chose to really act and perform The Dream I Dreamed in Les Miserabes- not so much focusing on making it sound pretty or all the way "correct" - it really shows the character she worked hard to portray so well.

    • Louise Brand

      Hi Fel,
      Your videos helped me so much when I was just starting out earlier this year. I love your straightforwardness and your willingness to put yourself out there....I'm sure that your song will be cool as....as we say in New Zealand!1

      please let me hear you!

      Best wishes,

    • sunny

      Hi Fel, I love your videos! Just started watching them and find it extremely helpful. You've helped me be more aware of my voice. I learn more from your videos than others because you are extremely charming and you not only have a beautiful singing voice but a great speaking voice. I can listen to you talk all day!
      Keep up the wonderful generous work you are giving to everyone. Many thanks, Sunny Lee

    • Benny

      Hi Felly, Benny here just dropping by to say that u have an amazing fantastic voice, I have been following u ever since I took notice of all your singing tutorials on utube, u really have a nice detailed way of explaning the concepts of singing. I wonder if maybe one day u and i could skype, I'm sure I could get some best advice^_*! Your voice is very touchy, very nice timbre...but your personality makes u be so so BEAUTIFUL for real...I hope one day in the near future we could say hi in person, I'll stay tuned for more info and videos on your singing tutorials, thanks Fel for being so nice and very good teacher, the BEST if I may, p.s your sincerely number#1 follower and admirer!^_*

    • lulu

      Hello Fel,

      This was ver encouraging, I can't wait to look for your songs online.

      I was wondering if you can help me out.
      You talk about the mix voice in this post, and i have seen your videos on how to find it. my question is how do you know you are placing the sound too forward and what does that do anatomically, does it close the velopharyngeal port or does it constrict the vocal folds. i am having trouble finding a balance and i push to forward with the wah sound, it ends up tensing up and i feel the top of my soft pallet tense.

      best, lulu

  • Paola

    Hi Fel, I used to be really uncomfortable with my voice and whilst I still have a long way to go, I'm starting to appreciate the imperfections and its uniqueness. What I'm learning to do is adapt songs to my style/tone and I'm loving the results. Thanks for sharing!

    • eunice

      Halo fel great teacher . I used to feel frustrated too cos I couldn't get d perfection for my vocals . I have a unique vibrato voice but lil shaky and wondered how I could possibly use it as a great asset to music. I still struggle sometimes on usin it for high notes..buh anyway God bless u for ur teachings hv learnt a lot and everything is a working progress. U LL surely come out wit a great song luv ya.

  • Maid Huremovic

    Hey Fel , yeah i agree that ''perfect voice'' maybe sometimes isn't the best, cause every voice we had make us unique, and i think if we're original and unique that's the best option ? and the best voice ?
    For the second question i don't know who could be artist like that, but i have my idols in music, Ed Sheeran , Bruno Mars
    And ofcourse i'd love to hear your song ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lee

    Hi Fel... I really love your videos, they're very helpful.
    Thank you and i really love to hear more from you. <3
    Keep it up.

    God Bless.

  • Sofia Hรถlaas Borรฉn


  • Katcha

    Thank you so much Fel.
    That just made me understand something important, and gave me hope.
    I havnt been singing all my life, - started when i was about 24'
    before that, i wrote songs, just to express myself.
    So i've been trying to get better vocal, and I have, but I also lost a bit of hope in my self, knowing that my voice will never be perfektly good sound.

    So this gave me hope. I sing because I love to express feelings and thoughts - dark sides of life, and joy -
    this is what is important, not the perfect voice.

    Love from me kat

  • Milly

    1) I think 'perfect singing' may not be the best, but it at least reaches the expected standards in my opinion.

    2) I guess asian/western singers like Beakhyun from EXO (Korea) and maybe Rihanna because their voices sound so good that their songs make me relaxed, so i admire them and want to become like them (mostly the korean part!)

    3) Sure! I'd like to hear it!

  • Irina

    I am also naturally higher-voiced and I have cristal voice but for many genres of music my voice is not suitable. Is too light. White.
    At the biginning I felt bad but now I rialize that I need to be humble and accept my limits. Is like with clothes. To look good and beautiful we need to wear that is most suitable for us.

  • Henry

    Hey Fel I'm so blessed for know you. You're my biggest inspiration and the only one that really teaches me something. I'm always trying to do my best but I still have fear while I'm singing cause I'm a teen. My voice is changing actually getting higher but I'm so scared about it cause I don't want to do it bad (cause it cracks sometimes). Since when I sent you that email my voice change A LOT. Now it's mixed powerful and soft at same time and I'm loving it. And now I'm totally confident by your answer. Thanks for all the support. But I still wish you could teach me personally <3
    If you need some backing vocals I would do my best
    Thank you so much again
    Love ya <3
    Don't feel obligated. Check if you want it
    Instagram: _felype_bueno
    Snapchat: felypebueno
    Facebook: Felype Bueno
    WhatsApp: 5515998287688

    XO, Henry

  • Tiphaine

    Hey Fel! So glad to receive a little something from you, I was wondering if you were ok ๐Ÿ™‚
    So, these are my answers:
    1 Have you ever wondered whether โ€œperfect singingโ€ is really โ€œthe bestโ€ singing?
    YES and NO, I would "kill" to be able to play with my voice like Divas (Cรฉline, Mariah, and others) clear notes, crystal voice... It's perfect but in another way of thinking, to much cleanliness kills the cleanliness, you know what I mean? Sometimes you need something imperfect, something rough you can hook yourself on (like men, too perfect is nice to be shown but roughness is excited to live with, you don't get bored and upon the rest, I am not perfect so, I would not impose my non-perfection to a perfect guy, yark!)
    I think I got lost haha. Anyway, I love listening to Myles Kenndy whispering in my ears at the beginning of Not for me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XuCUiwgS-Y) his voice is not perfect but it makes me melt, it's very sensual.
    "Imperfections" show more of who you are with your strength and your vulnerability, it is way more moving and real than a perfection (and sadness?) shield.

    2 Are there any artists performing today that you admire who donโ€™t have perfect voices but who you LOVE to hear sing?
    YES, Myles Kennedy, Joe Cocker, Steven Tyler, Rod stewart, Pink....

    3 Wanna hear my first song?

    Keep it up, we all believe in you!

  • Ron Westerbeek

    Way to go, Fel. Maybe we could enjoy the first encounters with a song-to-be without judgement at all. IT is so inspiring to just tape it a couple of times without listening back yet. When alone, together with this intriguing and inviting song line teasing your point of creation you could express what feels best for you and the song in the moment. You know how to be in a song by your own amazing experiences on and off stage and it is so grand to have the opportunity to take a new one by the hand and create space for it to land. Haha, you will love the ride anyway . Enjoy , and keep up the great stuff that you're sharing too dear. Kind regards to all of you from here. Cheers , hug. Ron

  • camerongolinsky

    I can't wait to hear what you have to share with the world. This is an exciting new direction for you and I am sure your musical will reflect your soul in a ways words never can.

  • bouhadjila hamza

    thank you Fel for your effort you re the best first i m sorry for my bad english 'coz I m not english
    I have horrible voice when i start to talk/sing all ways my friends ask me to shut up i don't know why but since I watched your videos on youtube i think my voice start sounds better I m huge nirvana fan and i was dreaming to make a grunge band but now after using your technique (breath support,fish lips ........) when i record my self and add some effects like delay and reverb i sound little bit like Coubain and sometimes like Axl rose ( I use my headphone to record and Fl studio software to work ) , am I on the right way ??

  • Laura

    I love musical theater but often prefer less then perfect and non uniform vocals. I can't wait to hear your song! You are absolutely amazing Fel! I am
    Going through this process with you .


  • Christel Sarmiento

    Hi Fel! to answer your questions:

    1. Well yeah at times. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still onto developing my techniques so I can sing with perfect tone, placement, diction etc.. like musical theater people do... and I understand that it is very important as it is foundational BUT after reading this... I'm also reminded that singing IS FUN because of the "ME" ingredient to it, whether or not it's perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Well, whenever I go to Youtube, there are a lot of people who say that Selena Gomez can't sing probably because she's not a high belter or because she doesn't have like a really powerful sound, but there are songs where I honestly admire the quality of her tone and how she gives color to the song as a whole and I think we should learn to give people credit for each one's uniqueness.

    3. Heck YEAH!!!! I'm so glad to be part of the mailing list!!! Can't wait! ^_^

    PS: If this will give you encouragement, then I'd gladly wanna give one! You've given me so much of that! Time to give back... Go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Felicia Ricci

      Hi Christel! Thanks for this awesome comment! And YES Selena Gomez really is hitting her stride with interpretation, isn't she? So cool to hear your perspective. xo Fel

  • David

    1. I believe everybody has a unique voice and that's what makes them, well, them! Having that "perfect voice" doesn't always make the "best singing".

    2. I have a friend who is a starting artist and even though she tells me that she isn't great at singing, to me her voice is magical. It really suited the songs that she has done covers on or created which, again, makes it unique ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Your first song?? HECK. TO. THE. YES!!!! Your voice is amazing and I cannot wait to hear it~ hope to hear it soon~

  • Aisling

    Hi Fel,

    Greetings from an Irish girl in London.

    I'm a singer/songwriter and coming from the other direction in that I've always just sung and written without thinking too much about technique but I've already learned so much after just starting your belt your face off course.

    I can't wait to hear your songs. I found out about you after stumbling upon your YouTube channel and I just really love your sincere, natural and entertaining teaching style and your voice. I'm sure that charm and personality is going to come right through those songs.

    Keep inspiring, creating and being awesome!!


  • Denni

    I agree. It's taken a long time to embrace the tone of my voice, and it still floats into places that I don't think 'feel' like the real me, because I focusing on the wrong things.
    There are lots of singers whose voices aren't perfect, but are perfect for their music. Ozzy Osbourne has a voice that anyone would say is so different from everyone else that it shouldn't work. But it's perfect for his songs.
    I would love to hear your new song ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Richard McCoy

    Ha Fel, I bet you will do well! I'm enjoying your instruction! I hope to continue using you. For me its just another new hobby; that I'll need to perfect to where ever it goes. What your saying; is what I'm aiming for. I'm not much of a singer, but I've had complements of; its the way you sing. That's 5 yrs ago when I was trying to learn guitar. My first song Mr. Bojangals; I audditioned for free, they were screening for new talent. I just wanted to get my feet wet. They didn't pick me, because I had no experience. I've lost interest until lately. I'm not getting any prettier; I'm soon to be 61. I went back to college a couple years ago, so the guitar went back in the closet. I love how your so personable, you are very creative! Your voice is way, way; out of my league. I like how you do stuff, its cool!

  • Susanne Bagenfelt

    YES!!!! I would love to hear your first song, especially if its the one where you just let go of Everything and sang from your heart!

    I Think its really good to work on the voice but when the ground is seattled I Think its equally important to let go of Everything and have the guts to just give 1000 procent.

    Theres Always people that will love what you do and them who does not like it. No matter how perfect or unperfect you are. So why bather!

    Sorry about the unperfect English but I got all excited :O)

    Susanne, Sweden

    • Felicia Ricci

      Thanks for this comment, Susanne! You are so right! I just gotta do what I do, share from the heart, and know that it will click with some people, but not everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo Fel

  • Bob Kelley

    If Bob Dylan and Tom Waits can have a career that leads to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, then all of the rest of us can take comfort that a perfect voice is not required to be interesting or to express ourselves.

  • Ashby Patrick Harris

    Hi Fel, Have not heard from you for a long time. Looking forward to listening to your own recording. You have a beautiful voice with the looks to with it, and I am sure you will be just fine. Have faith.
    Have not got over the fact that my voice is not what it used to be, and still suffer from doubt because of it. Sing fine in my choir, but not solo. Would love to go back to how it was when I could sing freely. But still practice to try and get the tension out my throat and jaw. Take care always.
    With lots of love,
    Patrick xxx

    • Felicia Ricci

      Thank you for saying that, that is very kind. Just keep finding songs that bring you joy and remember that singing is one big EXHALE of relief. It is inherently free! xo Fel

  • Doug Ritchie

    Really interesting Fel!
    I've often thought about how to sound more authentic. How to cut through to the heart of it. How did Johnny Cash do it... or Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Bill Monroe, etc., etc.
    These are some of the artists I love but are SO far from perfect. Of course technique is paramount but I've often thought of the analogy that Picasso could draw and paint in a traditional - classic style and he did so at a very young age. He then was able to re-invent himself with his art that we associate him with today.
    I think you really make a very important point/observation with your post Fel. Looking forward to hearing your recording!
    Thank you,
    Doug Ritchie

  • Robert Monteleone

    Your comments make total sense. To take the risk of revealing your vulnerability in terms of your voice is a worthwhile and fruitful practice. Thanks for your inspiration, passion, and above all your voice.

  • Jill Goldman

    looking forward to hearing your song!

    I have spent years questioning this thought of "perfect" singing. having taken classical voice lessons in my earlier years, I developed almost a fear of imperfections in my voice. now that i'm older and singing different styles of music, I find that perfection is not the goal - interpreting the song is the goal, creating emotion that is shared. I still aim for good technical singing, but the technique changes, depending on the song and the style of the song.

    I have found many singers who are popular who are not great technically, but people love them (although I find that i'm still most attracted to well trained voices). I won't go into a list - it would be lengthy.

    thanks for all you do, fel!

  • iustaknow

    I remember two years ago or so in belt your face off commenting engaging singer songwriter perspective. ...glad to see it come about in some form with you. Common fundamental theory, cadence, chord/vocal structure of what's sung... all what it is. A big part of original song writing, can be, feedback and revision, like what's done vocally, as you advise and provide approach. One of the, possibly better, free online communities exists under "FAWM" in February, 50 songs in 90 days in summer/now... Consistent, none fussy folks who just ebb and flow in lyrics, music. You'd get as good as you need, in the "share it" paradigm you seems to kindly embrace, and well. You've lots of "fans", groupies... perhaps more peers now would be good, and good for you? Folks, not seeking a "record deal", just their next best song, for its own sake.

  • milton

    hello there!.. i don't think there's such of thing as perfect singing...
    but I think there's still good singers out there.

    and of course i'd would love to hear one of your first song

    my best regards ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Mc Carlos

    Hi Fel, yes ! I really want to listen to the extraordinary singing version of Fel, it will be nothing less than vocal ability and dexterity based on your perfect vocal exercises on YouTube so i am really excited about it. #1, perfect singing is not always the best ! #2, My opinion on orther artists is , a good voice is based on how best he or she can deliver, the emotion you sing with, how you calibrate the voice, channel, sustain and hit notes, those are the most important things i admire and followed in artists. Lionel Richie doesn't have that pin or ring in his voice but he's a super singer and a legend. I'm impatiently waiting for you to drop your song Fel.

  • Gabriel

    Sign me up! Definitely want to check out your music. I'm actually in the process of recording our worship team's first demo! Now I understand why it takes soo long for any album to drop! Recording is tedious!!...FUN...but tedious! Lol.

  • John Abbott

    Hi! I
    probably NEEDED that encouragement today! My voice is more like what they said about Bob Dylan, NOT good, I liked what u said. I would LOVE to hear your new song. BTW, I heard a PROFESSIONAL Soprano say that Sopranos-with PERFECT voices, are a DIME a DOZEN! So it PAYS to be UNIQUE! Thanks,

  • Linda Ward

    Thank you for your email/blog post today. I have been taking voice lessons since...well, long before you were born, and I started training late in life, so I now have what I consider an "old" voice. I have been thinking of giving up singing in public because I don't have the clarity I used to have, but I have developed feeling and depth of meaning to the music (classical) I sing. I do my best to give meaning to the words and dynamics in the aria/show tune/sacred piece I sing and for me it works better than trying to be perfect. It's nice to hear perfect pitch and clear notes, but it loses meaning if that's all there is. Of course, one does not want to hear off-key singing, but it is important to find the meaning of a song. That's why I will continue to take voice lessons and sing until nothing more comes out of my "old" vocal chords. Your singing tips really help in balancing out what my voice teacher already has tried to beat into my head all these decades. Thank you for your expertise!


  • Jennifer

    Hi Feli!
    I'll admit the voices i love to hear aren't exactly the voices that are the best for me. There are times they seem so authentic and amazing but I guess being me is what i want when i sing. And there are quite a few pop stars whom we appreciate a lot and trust me they are so off when they sing, yet their song on the whole is great because they're being themselves out there. So that's me view on this!
    Looking forward to your song!

  • Angela Aeria

    Funny u should ask that.. I cantor at church and constantly assess myself to sing perfectly...breath, posture, technique, notes must be right and when something goes wrong even so slightly, I beat myself up tho everyone would say i sang well and the message got sent across. It's reached a point where i feel that i need to take a break from it as i would freak out just before and so i've stopped doing that duty. And yes, sometimes other cantors sing perfectly, but the feel or heart is not there. So your comment about not being perfect is comforting..???? I do listen to Christian singers a lot and some yea, don't always sing perfect but i still love listening to them. And yes, of cos, i'd love to hear your new song!! ????????

  • Willemina a van Riel

    Hi fel
    You know for years I have tried to sing only to be told Too strident ..too much vibrato....not enough air ...no dropped jaw ... I spent so much time trying to perfect all of these things I couldn't allow myself the pleasure of SI going....I did a workshop recently where I was told exactly what you have just mentioned...from that Worksop I found a teacher and for the first time in my life (I am 55) I am singing with joy....
    Your videos and suggestions have also been like gold.....xxxxxxlove you back Fel

  • Mahdis

    great! Congratulations on your new song???? There are tons of great artists but honestly, my inspiration is this Korea-based , Korean-American singer, Ailee!???? After watching a lot of videos of her performances, I became interested in singing and I want to give it a try!
    Thanks for your blog and super helpful videos!????????????

  • Keith

    Hey Fel !
    You are one of my greatest discoveries on YouTube.
    I am such a super beginner with voice , guitar , music , writing, rhythm and more and you help me so much !
    Please post your song !
    I'd love to hear it and I'd love to hear the process of how you wrote it - details !
    Thanks for everything you do !
    ~ Keith

  • Sparky

    Hey Fel,
    thanks for all your great instruction, I never really sang before, but about 3 years ago i started playing guitar, but I found I couldn't play it unless I sang along with it (out loud or in my head)...cause I'm not a musician, just play by my ears. So, i found your videos on the WWWz and started watching them, and guess what? I CAN SING! I am 61years old, and never new I could (or would) be a singer, but now I perform in a two person acoustic band in local coffee shops, nursing homes and the veterans club and we are having a blast! So a sincere thanks to you for helping me find my voice, and giving me the confidence to share it...i think you ROCK!!!

  • Ashton Carter

    The best artists are always the ones with the most unique voice. I am really looking forward to hearing your new song, Fel. I would also like to thankyou for your singing tips, they are really helpful and have assisted me in developing my voice to a level I didn't think I was capable of.

  • Emmanuel Cholo Nyema

    Fel, you are an amazing "motivational" coach. I love reading your posts. I've always loved singing, but my voice is terrible. But, as I have been following you for almost a year now, I am beginning to feel confident singing to my two kids at home. Not brave yet to sing in front of strangers because I still feel that my voice is not good enough. Each time read your post though, I feel good. You are awesome!

  • Kristen A

    Hi Fel
    I've been struggling with that issue as well. I've recently decided to just have my voice what it does without making it sound perfect. It's honestly a hard thing to do. By making the decision to support my sound and embrace the sounds that emerge. It has really boosted my confidence. To that effect I'm excited to hear what you've done with this rough cut since you've decided to embrace your voice as is.
    One of my favorite artists whose vocal quality is amazing tome is Ellie Goulding. I'm not sure if her singing affects her throat but the raspiness in her voice is all hers. Her embrace of it gives a great vocal quality.

  • Val Haynes

    Looking forward to hearing your tune. Sometimes the 'perfect' voice lacks individuality, uniqueness, which leaves me unimpressed. I like imperfection. I like the voice's ability to reflect our humanity, our vulnerability. Perfection, whether in a voice or any artistic venture, doesn't really exist; however, we can be ourselves perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Val H.

  • Dylan

    How exciting!! Can't wait to hear a different side of your voice!

    I've learnt a lot from your BYFO course and videos, but I'll be honest, I've been worried for a while now that if I follow everything to a T, that I may lose the qualities of my voice I like the most. So, I understand where you're coming from and appreciate hearing this from YOU in particular!

    I'm also a HUGE fan of Jason Mraz, but I felt that he changed his sound recently to be more on the "perfect" side, and I still enjoy the songs of themselves, but miss that character of the voice.

    And I know you've probably got a lot on your plate so maybe you're not even reading this and it's way overkill, but here are some short clips to show what I mean :
    At 0:44 https://youtu.be/sawhDdmj5Kg
    At 0:33 https://youtu.be/fKP92wtMHHQ

    But dude, honestly, do you. If YOU like it, and like how it sounds, I wanna hear it. Because I like you, so, duh. Haha!


  • Jim Lidback

    I do admire the skill and ability of a "pitch perfect" singer and it is something to strive for for sure. But when I am listening to music for the joy and beauty of it I rarely enjoy polished and "perfect" performers. I would much rather listen to an artist that I believe and hear their heart and story through an imperfect voice!

    Thank you for this reminder Fel. I love your journey, thank you for sharing it with us! You have helped me greatly, not just with voice instruction but also in sharing your ongoing story.

    God bless, Jim

  • rania

    I am sure that I will love your first song! Thank you a lot for your help! Now I have confidence and a much better voice! LOVE YOU xoxo RANIA

  • Shaneen Mooney

    Hi Fel.

    I seem to be in complete sync with your personal process. Your YouTube Channel helped me to fall in love with singing again and with my own voice again. However, recently I've gotten to a place where I've become so hung up on the "sound" that my singing lost some of its feeling. Some of my favourite singers sound like crap technically, but what I adore is their willingness to be vulnerable and how they are able to communicate passion in their voice. I think you have an incredible voice and I'm looking forward to hearing the new song. You define your own sound, don't let hat has been before dictate how you think you "should" sound. Big loves and encouragement

    Shaneen xxx

  • Frank Jansson

    Hay Fel, some time now. Being tenor in an amateur choir albeit pretty good choir I practise a lot of techniques and trying to get that perfect tone... so it will mix with the rest. When I try to sign with my own voice ( not sure what it is ) it feels like everything is flaws. A lot of artist use their unique tone and character and it adds to the feel. Like colours in a palette. Every word and phrase can have its own mix of colours. I don't hear that in a perfect voice. ( or trained voice ). It would be awesome to hear something that is you.

  • Hasan Khan

    Hmm perfect singing, I think, can only be prefect in a specific genre. For example Adele can't rap like Eminem. Eminem can't allow himself to produce a dark tone such as Hozier's.... These are legends who are ALMOST perfect in "Specified Singing", and somewhere I do think, different people = different artists = different voices lead to different genres that we enjoy today.... And there's nobody as "PERFECT", Fel, and don't take my word for it, the sun is new everyday and most importantly..., whatever's happens, The. Show. Must. Go. On.
    Btw I can't wait for ur first song ???? ..... Hope you get 100,000 Grammies for it..... I would love that you do a cover for Hello by Adele..... You sang it better than her in your tutorial video ????????????????????????
    Plsssssssssssss Fel do a cover...... Plsssss

    Lots of love,
    Hasan =D

  • April Garrett

    Hi Fel - let me just start by saying an immeasurable Thank You - you are inspiring me to be an authentic singer - my own voice with all of it's color! I'm working my way thru your Belt Your Face Off training slowly but surely...Now onto the juicy part:

    I started hearing songs in my head after my husband passed away - I was grieving in my own way...and found that song writing is helping me to express emotions that no words alone can touch. Although I enjoy writing of some sort, music was something that I didn't have much experience of and being so shy, not something I could lend my voice to - so bam - I love to learn things on a steep curve! So awesome that you are going in the songwriting direction.

    I love all of your encouragement and whacky and wonderful vids to assist us on our path of self expression!

    So YES I would love to hear your first song - warts and all!! I just recorded my first song for my late husband's Celebration of Life to be held in about a week and I am so proud of myself, even in the parts where my voice can't choke out the lyrics....I wrote a song, learned how to play guitar (sort of) and sang my love song to him in about three months. I am so grateful for your encouragement!

    Again much gratitude and love back to you for being the wonderful mentor that you are!

  • Clydene

    Love to hear it! I really appreciate your.perspective. yes, I do judge my voice too harshly instead of just enjoying the experience of singing. Trying to bring that enjoyment back.

  • Catherine Zanzi

    Hi Fel,
    You are so right about embracing imperfection! I've always loved the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which is exactly what you are talking about.
    Since my husband and I started your singing lesson videos, we have formed an acoustic trio and had our first gig at a winery here in NorCal! We played about 40 songs, and we both sang! An owner of another winery happened to be there and invited us to play at HER winery next month. Your instruction gave us the confidence to give this a try, and we are having a blast! Please check out our Facebook page, Just Be Cousins Acoustic Trio. We would be honored to have you "Like" our page.
    Can't wait to hear your song! ????
    All the best to you,
    Catherine Zanzi

  • Kathy

    Hey Fel! I agree with you. We can use the different colors of our voices to work on our style. I think that's also as important as working on our technical abilities.
    I'd love to hear your song! If you could, can you also make a video on how you mixed your song, even just an overview? I think that would help a lot of other aspiring artists who have their own home studios.

  • Bob

    As a gigging singer, you can be boring as hell when you worry too much about being technically perfect. I believe the best singers are the ones who exude vulnerability and honesty. Trouble is a lot of beginners don't have a clue about what is really involved to sing really well. The whole body gets involved.

    Some of my favorites:

    Lou Gramm
    Steve Walsh
    John Farnham
    Sam Cooke
    Otis Redding
    Paul Rodgers
    Lara fabian
    K.D. Lang

  • Johana Levy

    Oops forgot to answer the questions

    1) For me perfect singing is the singing that touches my soul, not the singing that sounds perfect. some perfect singing can be annoying while some other singing can be healing

    2) yes I love some male singers and they have very feminine voices (which doesn't make their voice perfect) but their voices heal me they are soothing and peacefull and happy so I love them!!!!

  • Kelvin Robertson

    "Ain't nobody's perfect
    Ain't that a fact
    Words come tumbling out of line
    They seem so inexact
    Ain't nobody's perfect
    But that could be a lie
    As I look outside my window
    Into a perfect sky"

  • Gonzalo Mateos

    You could not be righter! Nowadays, there are many platforms to develop that cool interaction 'tween a performer and his/her fans, besides the mainstream ways.
    As a consequence, diversity is the key to success. No longer just a couple of heads decide what's cool to hear, so the taste in each of us get crucial to whether love a singer or another.
    Nevertheless, correct tunning is a major factor for appealing (no matter what).
    I guess it's all about going first the right or the more common path in achieving good skills in singing, and afterwards pushing the boundaries a snitch, whether embracing those imperfections you already know you have or trying to experiment or discover new ones.

  • Daenox

    I am now working on my 2nd song and all I have left to do are the vocals. My first song really sucked. It sounds very unprofessional and I think it's mostly from lack of good sounding vocals. My voice sounds very quite and distant during the mix. Does anyone have any tips on how to get professional sounding vocals?

  • Michael

    Hi Fel!

    I love reading your encouraging e-mails and your posts on social media. I find myself applying them, not just in singing,, but in everyday life. You're a creative wizard of sorts.

    There was a quote (I believe it was from Henry Ford) that said something like, "I couldn't find the perfect car, so I made one myself." I apply that same concept to song writing. There are some things in life that only I could see, and only I could express. And while others could relate to them, I was privileged and chosen to experience them and to relate them in a way that was genuine to me. I held the brush and I held the paint and I painted a world that lived inside of me, that only I could see.

    That's one way I do song writing. I'm interested in understanding how you do yours.

    I would love to hear your songs and see how you've developed your singing. You can also check out my songs on my YouTube if you would like. I find the most genuine songs I write are the ones I don't have to think about much how to sing. It just flows, like when God walks in the room and you just let Him be the song.

    I wish you the best, my friend. I'm praying for you. -Michael

  • Douglas Ulises Sosa

    Thanks so much for the tips, and I would love to hear your original piece. God bless you. I was wondering if you could make a lesson on a worship song? "Lord You are good by Israel Houghton. Thanks

  • Mir Faruque

    Hi Fel !
    I m delighted to hear from you. You always inspire us to take singing as a pleasure hobby.
    1. I would love to sing not like any body else but like myself and would very happy if it make my friends pleased.
    2 .I would love to listen to your first song. In any case it would far better than my latest.
    Thanking You !
    Yours Loving Fan
    Mir Faruque

  • Mark

    I'm so glad you wrote this. I struggle with creating a consistent tone quality across my very wide range. I sound like 3 different tenors at times. One of my favorite artists is Mr. Groban who I think is a perfect example of how a less than perfect tonal consistency creates an immediately identifiable unique voice.

  • Michelle Pfinston

    Hello! I really resonated with this post because it has, and you have, through previous posts, given me a confidence in my own sound. I am a middle age, wife and mother of 3 who, after decades of not performing (nothing bigger than the High School musical) picked it up again in our struggling community theater's summer musical. It's a small town, but there is talent, enough so that I can't just get the part because I can hold a tune. You've spoken on it often, that we all have a unique sound, and I carry that with me to each audition and performance. You've spoken that it's the love of what you're doing, playing the part, that comes out in the song that makes people love it. This summer we are doing Oliver!, and I am being stretched to sing a soprano part when I consider myself a contralto. I'm surprised every time I hit "that" note and I am continually thinking about all your counsel and advice (opening up and singing into the "cathedral" in my face, etc). Something unique to me, I sing with 90% no verbrato, which, as you know, can make you sound off pitch. It's frustrating, and yes,I've watched your videos on it. Still. Or I should say, nevertheless. But Iove what I'm doing and will sing from there. Another actress I think doens't have a "perfect" voice is Bebe Neuwith, especially in The Addams Family Musical, but she was still amazing!

  • Leslie McDaniel

    Dude!!!! You totally teased us!!! Of course we want to hear your song!!! I can't wait to hear it!
    I actually never thought about my singing as you described it in theater terms of being clean and clear and on point. I've always just sang in my voice using the techniques you've taught me to play with the tones and "colors" of my voice, so that description helped me to see a different side of "voice" . Now I want to try out the clean and clear side!
    Thank you for all the time and energy you put into teaching us! I really appreciate all you do for us "Singer Dudes"!

  • Faith Martin

    Hi Fel,
    I absolutely love what you wrote! And I appreciate it greatly!
    I always WANTED to sing like Celine Dion and instead I've been told I sound like Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks or Melissa Ethridge. And I do love all those artists but still wanted a cleaner smoother less raspy sound.
    All my tears and whining over my lack of sweet, smooth clarity of voice got NO sympathy! In fact quite the opposite!
    So I finally embraced my own sound and with your coaching on some of your free videos, I've been able to reach the notes and mold my sound to hit even some of the most difficult Pop songs with ease.
    I've been singing professionally since 1992. And really appreciate what you've offered on YouTube.
    Many Thanks! And Ps I'd also love to hear your new song!
    Faith Martin

  • Mindy

    Yes I would love to hear your first song! I dont think perfect singing is the best singing. There have been a couple times I have heard someone sing and thought that he ir she did a good job singing but it lacks emotion and I didn't enjoy the performance . One perfect singer who comes to mind would be Idina Menzel. She isn't a technically perfect singer but she is one of my favorites. I also love Frances Ruffelle, her version of on my own is my favourite. Can't wait to hear your first song! Your voice is awesome and I know you will do great

  • Juan

    Yes!! Let's hear it!!
    And yes, some times I prefer my singing to be more "clean" or more accurate to certain notes as per a live singing but still trying to do my best effort to achieve that every single day of performing, but as the week goes on, I get tired and the voice starts to crack a littleโ€ฆ would I be doing something wrong then? Just for the record, I use everything in my technique knowledge to avoid tiredness but still sometimes is not enough. I'd appreciate your insights ????

  • Renรฉe

    I would like very much to hear your song. You continue to teach in sharing this part of your journey. I was recently contemplating the imperfect voice by coming to terms with my own. Reflecting on how artist like Neil Young, John Prime, and Janis Joplin's unique and distinctive voices seem to permeate the words of the song leaving their indelible signature, has become a touchstone for me. My aspiration is to sing well enough not to be a distraction for others who may happen upon me while I am singing my heart out. Your excellent tutorials give me hope. Thank you! Wishing you much success Fel!! Let it Fly

  • Oneyda

    I've always been conflicted on this one.

    I will always admire and love Mariah Carey for being such an amazing vocalist. (Great songwriter too!) but Bob Dylan is a big one for me. I feel more emotion out of one his songs compared to a vocalist who sings perfectly and loudly the whole way through... Not to knock those artists who do sing that way because that is an amazing talent. But it's just my preference. I'd love to hear your song!

  • David Reed Watson

    Thank you for this Fel...
    For many years I didn't like my voice because I couldn't hit those super high notes that some of the 80's singers could do. I was very distraught and it took me many years to just live with what I have. People would come up to me all the time and tell me how beautiful my voice was but I just didn't hear it. Still to this day I'm doing what I can to hit those crazy high notes and all it does it discourage me. But we are who we are and I am blessed to have the voice that I have.
    Thank you for your teachings. I find them very insightful.
    David Reed Watson

  • Susan

    Fel your commentary about music and singing is great, and often makes me chuckle to myself. Early recording of Paul McCartney singing 'My Love" shows him using his face a lot! So I can imagine this is something many great artists do, like yourself!
    #!. Perfect singing? No, I'm also a visual artist and learned long ago that "perfection" is blaa, but instead work through a song at the moment the best one can, as perfection to me is not a goal that is even realistic, well without auto-tune, LOL!
    #2. The more authentic a voice is the better it sounds to the ear, look at Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, both great and sing from the heart.
    #3. Yes I want to hear your song! The first on MANY! ROCK ON!

  • David Jones

    I started with talent, then I went to constant training for years and I went to classical ( opera,in bel canto style) and Oratorio and then to Musical Theater... and then back to Roy Orbison, a contemporary of Elvis, Think,"Pretty Woman" The thing is that I could do what most highly trained singers can't do, that is to bring it down. Now, I was hung up on making BEAUTIFUL SOUNDS which is what Opera tenors get paid for, but today I am a better singer and I make a whole lot more interesting sounds and rhythms and pronunciations than I ever did making beautiful sounds. And since I'm doing a TRIBUTE to Roy I get as close as I can to his sounds and weird little ways of moving things around on notes. It's fun and the audience is amazed and some ask me if I'm lip-syncing, NO. But that is a compliment. But I do believe that training is important. You do the training with blood, sweat and tears for a long time and then you've earned the right to bend or break the rules. Even then, you still need a coach who listens well to what you want to accomplish and knows the voice--like Fel. Thanks, Dave Jones

  • Tim

    Fel, I would love to hear your song! The best example I can think of for a singer with a very interestingly textured yet wildly imperfect voice is Willy DeVille. Listen to his "Storybook Love" as heard in the movie "The Princess Bride"

  • Victoria

    Actually I think that when you sing from your heart and you enjoy thats make singing perfect. Well many people think that you can sing perfect if you only practice much, yeah i agree that we need practice but thats not the only thing. Really to tell you when i think to sing something (my creation not a song????) i think i dont sing so bad but when i try to sing a song i feel like i cant sing it i dont know why i tried some of your exercises but i still feel like that so in my opinion you have to enjoy and feel the music than only learn how to sing it.
    I would really love to hear your song. Actually when i hear your singing and i tell myself: omg look at her how amazing voice even i have heard singers that are not so good as you. Im very happy that i found you^^

    Look forward to hear your song????????

  • Craig Schneider


    I ABSOLUTELY relate to this... I always looked at my natural rasp as being a limitation, but more recently (with the help of your ST course) learned to embrace that which makes my voice unique WHILE pursuing perfecting the technique that makes my unique voice SUSTAINABLE and DEPENDABLE. Some of the singers I admire most have INCREDIBLY imperfect voices, but have a character that is undeniably and apologetically 'them' (e.g. Sia, Tom Waits, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, etc.).

    I would LOVE to hear your single!!!! Please put me on the list!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, and for such a wonderful set of courses!



  • Joanie

    OK. Don't judge, but today, and maybe not any other day, the voice that popped into my head as not perfect but perfect for what he does is Alt-J. Beck is similar. Janis Joplin. Chrissie Hynde. Stevie Nicks. Sera Cahoone. So many. I'm a complete noob at singing but your course has helped me unlock a few things that I couldn't or didn't before! I feel my own singing differently and think about it differently now. I am also slightly less embarrassed than before about it.

    I would LOVE to hear your song, Fel. You just keep inspiring us, mkay?

    • Felicia Ricci

      Hi Eleanor! "Holes" mean places where you feel you have to tiptoe around notes -- where there might be a huge "break," a weak spot where you have trouble phonating (creating sound) or resonating (creating volume/echo in the face). xo Fel

  • Lee Vandeveer

    I just adore you. I am a former high school art teacher and you are one of my favorite teachers in the world. You have a gift for creating intimacy and that is a major key to learning. You naturally set the stage for us to think critically about our voices. Being able to lead people to critical thinking with ease and playfulness is a true gift. So, a year ago, I was painting and the next day I was writing songs, it was pretty trippy!! I found you and am finding my voice, both in writing and in singing. You, along with my "on the ground teacher here" have changed my life. You are abundantly gifted with the ability to be your own "song finder" and have the tools to know when to ask for what you need, look at all the love that is pouring in because you asked. You just taught us that as well, you just taught us to ask. I hope your find your voice to be weird and lovely and I hope you write songs from your depths of your soul. The world can't have enough artist/healers. xoxox

  • chris

    Well, thank you for your interesting ideas about ways to value singing and your descriptions of your voice qualities; and for other stuff you say in your tuition clips about the production of singing sounds.I am pretty much on the back doorstep of living and recently, like 6 months ago, begun to attend a singing teacher and to develop understandings and qualities of how I create sounds.

    My voice learning aims primarily revolve around singing with and without my lips moving and with and without opening my mouth! So, my 'fav' singers at present are Terry Fator and Ken Dodd. (I will send you some links to their singing performances if you wish.) And I welcome hearing oooh such a few singers like Ray Orbison and Paul McC, and Buffy St Marie brings me to tears just to write her name down here!!!

    Yes, do sing your song/s. I surely will listen ... and respond.

    I do like the comments of some of your students - so welcomingly infused with experiences. And, thank you for your teachings; you are like a multi-fruit tree for me. Rock-on, Ricci babe.

  • Jade Yerganian

    The idea of not being perfect scares the crap out of me. A lot. It's a seemingly real trap that I very rarely escape. I envy those who can set aside those self judgments and can express love, connection and truths from their souls through their voices. Because if we are too busy thinking about being perfect, none of that can come through. And, after all, isn't that why we sing? I know it's why I do....to be connected to something amazing. And yet the chattering of my own inner critic cheats me of that joy, I appreciate your experience of the same and am thankful that you have reminded me that it is the expression of emotion that matters. Emotions aren't neat and perfect. Actually, they are quite messy. So why do I think that I can contain them in a neat, pretty little bubble of notes, and deliver them perfectly to an audience? Is that what people want? I don't think so. I have a real love of Broadway because the music allows me to become unglued. It is in those moments that I feel most alive and connected. Life's 'Goodies' are contained in those moments. I don't know if there is such a thing as 'perfect' singing'. But, I'm sure that our emotions are 'perfect'. All of them. Feel them, share them.....and, like you said, that's so much more moving and interesting.....for both us and others!
    I can't wait to hear your song!!!
    Jade xo

  • Abe

    I'd like to find my unique voice, tone, or sound. People have told me I sound like other people. Though, they say it in a good way, I'd like to find my own voice: unique. Am I unconsciously trying to sound like other people by listening to what they sing?

    • Felicia Ricci

      I think you are getting INSPIRED by the sounds you hear. No shame in learning by example (gathering your paint colors) and then coming up with your own sound (mixing them together!). xo Fel

  • Ernie

    So good to hear a teacher acknowledge the concept of using the "real voice". I am lucky enough to perform weekly playing and singing mostly original and blues based material. Even though I practice using correct warm up and pitch exercises I find now I always simply sing how I think the song should feel like emotionally. I still believe it is essential to continue doing my daily exercise routine to keep my voice healthy and supple. I would love to hear your song - also maybe another in what you would call you "proper" singing voice to hear the difference.
    Regards from Kiwi land.

  • Liz

    I love how fearless you are and can't wait to hear the results! Keep the lessons coming and Thank You so much for all your efforts and advice.

  • Giselle

    I love to sing but I am having trouble trying to find my comfortable spot and I want to build some confidence when I sing I just don't know how too. I can't wait to here your singing video I know that it's gonna be great.

  • Anthony W Rich Jr

    Would love to hear your song
    My voice isnt great, its missing variation, color, emotion, and interesting style,
    I have been leaning towards mimicking the artist I am portraying, as much as possible.
    I just havent learned how to do that yet.

    Like Phil Collins, Against All Odds, Live Aid version,
    When I sing the karaoke version, its not very exciting,

  • Anna Navarro

    Oh my, I'm so excited to hear your new music!!! I've always wanted to write songs, but I really don't know how to do it, my mind just doesn't work to create melodies, haha! I alse have a REALLY hard time accepting the flaws and overall sound of my voice, because when I sing in chest voice, it sound pretty dark and low, and I personally hate that in my voice because it makes me feel masculine, and when I sing in mixed voice, I also get frustrated because of the lack of power and freedom in that register, even though the sound is a lot more pleasant to me. But I guess we all have to deal with our imperfections at some point, otherwise we'll just never do anything. And I have seen you singing on youtube at a few bootlegs and I must say, you're AMAZING! Your voice is so beautifully clean and controlled and your higher belts are just heaven! Many singers have natural thin and high voices, like Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello and, while some people might call it "annoying", I absolutely freaking LOVE IT! I wish my voice was high and delicate like that, because it just makes me feel so sweet and feminine, it's a great feeling for me. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely love darker voices aswell, like Perrie Edwards and Amy Lee, but I just don't like that quality in my voice, because I don't think its a pretty sound, even though people may tell me otherwise. But I guess that's just the whole point of learning how to sing, it's to also learn how to accept our qualities and flaws as they are. As a beggining voice teacher, I really hope I'm able to pass that forward to my studends, because many people feel unconfident about their singing. I think we just need to be reminded that we are enough. So, Fel... YOU are enough! Just remember that and everything will be fine! I can't wait to hear your music, I'm sure it's gonna be amazing! Sorry for the long comment, but I wish you the best because you have certainly brought out the best out of me! Thank you XO

  • Abbey Plant


    Can't WAIT to hear your song! You go girl. Keep creating.

    I love your teaching style, the way you think, the way you help me feel free to think bigger and MORE and beyond the norm.

    The concept of embracing my own voice is a journey I'm on right now, so I love & appreciate this post!

    I'm a worship leader, so the last thing I need clogging up my spirit is a worry about head voice chest voice or right/wrong note. My whole goal is to get everyone to raise their voices in worship, so I can't be freaking out about how mine will come out! :/)

    Be you. You are so cool.

    Abbey Plant
    (One of your many singing students!)

  • Debi

    Fel, I am sooooo glad I found you! First I gotta say how much I enjoy your quirky and fun nature. Your vids always make me smile! Next, I totally appreciate the mental tricks you give us, like picturing our mouths on our stomachs when we sing, and the physical tips like fish lips and feeling the "k-sound/surprise" sensation in our throats. I've been singing all my life (I'm now 45) and have never had anyone tell me things like this.
    I am a naturally soft singer (think Jewel or Eva Cassidy) and I want very much to be about to belt out like Martina McBride, so I am super excited that you have made videos specifically for this. THANK YOU!
    One other reason why I like you so much is that you also take time to meditate, and to take care of your whole person, not just your vocal cords, and you share with us your vulnerable side. I love meditation and when I watched that video of yours I KNEW I finally had the right coach for me!
    Thank you for offering all this to us for free...you're simply amazing.


  • Debbie

    Hi Fel! I'm enjoying reading your posts and watching your videos. I have a question though. Have you ever found a voice that just isn't a good voice? Where the person would have to work so hard and long at making their voice good that it'd just be better to not even try? I'm not talking about pitch or tone deafness. Say the person has good pitch and can hear when something's off, but their tone might not be the best or they're too breathy or just not pleasing to listen to.

  • Amy Mao

    Yes Fel! I want to hear your song! Also, I love your lessons, especially the warmups. They are really helpful. Your sense of humor makes them really fun too ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  • Ivan Joven

    Gosh, I've also been wondering about that and struggling with it. I think it's like an everyday battle to accept your imperfections and acknowledge them in a positive light. There's an artist I listen to (Kimbra) that I'd say (tho not sure) doesn't have the "perfect voice" accdg to society's standards, but her voice is hella mesmerizing and complex in many ways. Like Grimes (yes, Grimes!), Kimbra explores her voice in very different colors and different styles and it is so interesting to listen to her.

    Sending lots of love, light, and positivity from the Philippines!!!

  • Gonzalo

    Hi Fel!

    I do not believe a voice has to be perfect in order to sound well. I have been listening a lot of Alanis Morissette lately and she has almost a discerning tone in her voice yet it is powerful and beautifully expressive at the same time. The topic of being perfect is quite funny because Alanis actually has a song called "Perfect" where she impersonates a person correcting another's qualities being of what the character believes is "perfect". Her voice starts off in the song having a soft, almost maternal tone, then suddenly her voice explodes describing extremely harsh, yet true realities young people go through to feel accepted. However, what is ironic is that Alanis does not sing the song perfectly it's very unnecessarily belty, but weirdly so satisfying. So, a voice does not have to be perfect to share the heart and soul of a song. I used to feel so insecure about my voice but now Alanis has taught me that as long as the message of the song is delivered then there is nothing to worry about.

    Thank you so much for this question and I look forward for your upcoming videos!

  • Ping Chiang

    Hi,Fel' can't wait to hear your song! regardless how it sound.I got rejected by my Junior high choir teacher who said that I have a very narrow range.After I learned techniques from you,I can sing higher or lower.One day when I sing in a bush,a big deer came and stood 10 feet from me,after it heard 5 songs from me,walked by me ( 5 feet away),even though I consider myself not a good singer at that time.I have learned to lift my chin and relax throat to sing lower notes.I have learned Forsetter and Ventriloquist which I found out it boost my high voice.Now I enjoy to sing with emotion
    regardless what type of song.thank you for your lessons!.At big 70,still going strong,will fly with you to reach heavenly musical!!!.

  • Cristian

    I can totally relate to what you say, and very often I hold myself back from snging because I don't know if I should try to find the style in which my voice works well, or I shourd try to make my voice match the style i want/like. I'd love to know your opinion about that matter. And I'm very curious about your song!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie

    I am SO excited to hear your song - and you singing it! I love your tips, they are so practical and down-to-earth and easy to understand and to employ! I'd love to hear more of YOUR singing! For my part, I appreciate someone who can sing "perfectly" and it's what I aspire to, but I also feel there are plenty of song styles that are more interesting being sung by someone who has a "different" singing style. Also, that lets me off the hook ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't wait to hear your new project!

  • Abinash Rath

    Dear Fel

    I do not think perfect singing is needed. I think you just need to sing it may be weird no problem.
    You should have a own voice that's important , it may be bad, weird, poor whatever not important.
    For me trying is important, perfection is not.

    And yes
    I am eagerly waiting to listen your song
    I am big fan of yours voice.
    You make things so easy for learning. Keep up the same spirit.

  • Rebekah

    Hi Fel, Firstly, thank you for helping unlock my voice. Your course is great! I studied voice for ages, mostly for fun because (1) I kept trying to sound pretty or otherwise like other voices I was hearing (and not succeeding) and (2) the exercises weren't really moving my voice along (I wasn't gaining mastery or even familiarity). I didn't feel a love for singing with the lessons, though I really wanted to sing. Does that make sense? As part of my master's program I studied the Roy Hart method, which was fantastic for playing with my voice, accepting all its nuance, and composing, so I came into your program from there. I could explore vocally but I really wanted to SING! Enter your course and now I feel I have connected the technical dots, not just mentally but in my voice, which has opened up into this freedom apparatus I never expected to find, but maybe secretly hoped or wished would be in there. I love my unique voice. You freed it. I've told you before, I'll say it again. These exercises and your approach, the way your course is laid out - it couldn't have been more perfect for helping me break through whatever I thought my voice was into what it is. I even just left myself a simple voice memo and for the first time actually liked the sound of my own voice. How weird is that? Can't wait to hear your song! Keep up all the singing at the edge!!!

  • Chinmay

    HEY FEL Hii,
    It was an nice experience to learn from you..as i have not practiced that much but i can feel little bit of improvement in me...
    Between i am musician & want to developed a voice too...as much as i can...
    you are a great teacher...

    1) Firstly no one is perfect its my opinion...but you can always improve yourself every day...every day when you wake up you should have one thing in mind that i want to learn something...i want to go as much as i can go towards perfection...i am crazy lol...

    2) i cant figure out..

    3) yaa i am so exciting...you are very talented...you have an amzing voice..you are a great singer.
    Again thanks for your videos!!!

  • Don Keyser

    I would love to hear your first song Fel. You've helped and inspired me so much that I can only imagine what an awesome songwriter you will be. I think that being a songwriter will make you an even better voice teacher because you'll have experienced both sides of singing from song creation to the performance of the song. And, that will help you to help others tap into the emotion and essences of the songs they want to sing which will build further their confidence in singing in general. Have an awesome day, Don

  • Layla

    Fel, don't know how, but your words always come to me at the right time! Lately I've been dealing with such a similar problem... I've begun to really study singing, with practise every day, a lot of exercise and everything... I was really making big progress, and I was so excited... but a little by little, I noticed I was... losing my OWN voice, turning into someone else, and I realised this when it came the time to sing my own songs: I literally didn't know HOW to sing them! I didn't have anyone to emulate and I felt lost, because no one has ever sang them and I had no examples, I had to kinda invent something new! So... what did I do, and what do I still do? I just leave it all behind, during the performance, no worries about breath, or the way I sound, and... sometimes it's hard, but it works. Because I learned that if you write something... it's just fo yourself. No one could ever sing it the right way. Maybe better, but not the very right way, which, inside your heart, you deeply know.
    About your second question (yes, all this thing was the answer to the first) I don't know, when I was younger I used to listen a lot to Avril Lavigne, back then she didn't have what we can call a perfect technique but... in some songs she had kinda something.
    End with the third answer... I don't know if I wanna listen to you song, I may have to take someone else off of my top 5 singers and composers, but... ok, let me take that risk and POST THIS VIDEO GIRL!!
    Thank you for everything, kiss

  • Stephen

    You know, Fel, I find the main benefit of your training to be your instruction on singing through the facial mask. For years now, I've used Roger Love's trainings to expand my range and strengthen my chest-mid-head transitions. I had a private trainer who emphasized the diaphragm. And lately I've found an English couple that teaches singing vocals for recording, which includes many of the concepts of all three other sources.

    But all of those trainings miss this key point you just have brought up here in your post. And that's what I've been grappling with lately. So this from you is very timely for me.

    I'm about to lay down vocals for a cover of a Luke Bryan cover I've been wanting to do, but I've been unhappy in rehearsal with my vocal. It feels to me that's more like a pale copy of Bryan's vocal and style, and that's really not what I want to do with this song.

    I have heard Tom Waits' first release where he sang in full voice. It was only when he went into the hoarse voice deiivery that he found international success (which would explain why he appeared at a New Year's Eve gig years ago that I had front row tickets for with a bad case of lyringitis. Yes he still did a show, but perhaps it's clear why he lost his voice, no?).

    Thanks again for addressing this issue. Maybe I'll come up with my own voice for this vocal. Wish me luck!

  • Adrienne

    Hi Fel!

    I've always noticed that I can relate more to someone who doesn't have the "perfect" voice. It does make them unique and imperfections can be beautiful. There truly is no "perfect voice," just as there is no perfect human or perfect work of art. Everyone has a different style and something unqiue that they bring to the table. I think sometimes an imperfect voice can be well liked because the song may be a great song. There are so many popular artists that make great songs, but don't have a perfect voice. They make it work for them and are able to make the audience feel also with out much emotion they put into it.

    I studied theater and I was never a fan of the "perfect" singing that somtimes occurs. I like the characters that have a unique voice. That's just my preference, I know many people love that style.

    One artist that inspires me is Lana Del Rey. She has a unique sound and different aspects to her voice that I like. It's not the perfect and that's what I love about it. You can feel the sadness in her songs as well.

    Thank you for being an inspiration and teacher. You've helped me so much with understanding more about singing and gaining confidence. Keep changing the world!



  • Jeffrey Yap

    Hi Felicia,
    Enjoyed every video that you have posted. I have been practicing your exercises (vocal drills) in the car to my gigs. You certainly know how to teach. I've come across a few singing teachers and you are the best. Just wondering whether you give 1 to 1 Skype lessons? Would certainly love to learn more from you.
    Warm regards
    Jeffrey Yap

  • James

    Hi Fel,
    Not sure whether you'll see this given how late I am getting to reading this post and commenting, but let me start by saying that I love your videos. I've been singing for a long time and I can definitely relate to what you've written. I went to a small music school in Boston and when I was admitted I couldn't believe it. I felt like an imposter until my junior year when I learned this lesson: there's a difference between a scientist and an artist. Unfortunately, many, if not most, undergraduate art programs assume that their students already have this extremely important insight and thus don't focus on it adequately, favoring instead the technique. Of course, the technique is important because every piece of art is necessarily controlled by the science of the medium in question. HOWEVER, art is one of the humanities and it is our foibles that makes us human, and thus our struggle with the medium relatable and compelling. Perfection is, of course, the ideal, so people who seem to reach that ideal are compelling in their own right, but because we are all flawed too much perfection is oppressive in a way. I think it all boils down to hope. When one masters the craft (the science) well enough to wrap it around their foibles well enough to give the impression that we've surmounted those foibles, listeners or viewers, depending on your medium, are inspired because you have shown them what is possible. I believe that this is the ruler by which the wise judge art, and artists should judge themselves. I also believe that this is why we love Sam Cooke and Pavoratti, Aretha Franklin and Maria Callas at the same time. This perspective also aids sanity by keeping people from trying to be something other than what they are. It tells people that although they must become adept at working with what they are, what they are is not only enough, it is valid. Take heart Fel. You are definitely inspiring people, in spite of whatever perceived weaknesses you don't think that you have sured up yet. You're doing just fine.


    P.S. Can't wait for the course to open up again!!!

  • Joni

    I live in a country where local music is...well...it could be better. Diction is sometimes horrendous, technique is...does it even exist?? and just overall, I feel there is a slack in the vocalists taking their instrument seriously enough, for whatever reason, valid or not. Things are changing the last couple of years but there's always still that question: How much of a role does bad technique/diction/grammar/etc play in successful music? Some local artists excuse themselves saying "Oh this (super famous artist) could do it, so can I", without acknowledging how much work or how many failures that artists' career went through before "making it". Or how their first big hit sounded, compared to what they are releasing now. It seems to me that cleaner, well-produced and more "perfect" tones and styles tends to do much better HERE at this point in time, and the ones on the other end of the spectrum tend to not do as well.

    So while I'm still answering this for myself with the local scene in mind, I think it actually boils down the overall production and the target audience. I believe Sia's tone makes people believe her emotions, whether it cracks or is steady. It's believable, heartfelt. Whereas Ariana Grande's "perfect" acrobatics amazes people, whether the words are clear or not.

    Hope that makes sense haha!

    P.S. yes would love to hear your song =) Totally get how you feel, and commend you for taking the brave step!

  • BJ. Roberts

    What a big step you are taking, But I know you will kill it. Don't let fear hold you back. You are going to be great.
    I'm so looking forward to hearing your toons getting them stuck in my head, come on girl just do it...

  • Tim

    Congrats on song recording and also I too like many others look forward to hearing it! I am starting to explore the 'me' voice. At a recent 45 second audition was told by a record producer that my four octave range is incredible and the low is as good as the high and then it came...But, one has to develop that unique signature sound that when recorded is instantly recognizable. She also recognized that I put my own passionate spin on the lyrics and arrangement, which made her really think hard about her choice. She, the producer, was sure I could sing anything put in front of me, but was she sure it would be my signature voice or a slightly altered version of the original singer or singer that made the song a current 'hit'. It was perhaps just too similar and practically spot on, comfortable? She went on to say she had to go with the answer in her gut and say 'no... and more specifically, not today from what she observed and heard.' Funny how a song choice that everyone said fit my voice the best was my sort of downfall...LOL! What it did for me was confirm that I can sing, not bad for no formal training and only second audition. Kind of makes me want it more...but, can I find that recording of something that says Tim's voice, before next audition??? Trying. Thanks Fel! Your A Great Voice Finder and Human Spirit!!! Wish I could send one a recording I made in response to the news about the Dallas police shootings, Friends stated 'that was weird, because it was not what they expected' and 'powerfully beautiful in spirit and message.' One commented that it is too bad I do not have a band that could pick it up and the equipment to record it for U tube, because it was really good and at right time.

  • Josh

    Hi Fel, been watching your videos since around March. Practiced my singing and now in July, I can fairly sing in karaokes (a skill we must possess as Filipinos, Hahahaha) now with my friends without being ashamed. I can reach reach higher tones and sing many songs without straining my throat. Breath in using the diaphragm. Fish lips, utilize the back palette, all of which came from your tutorials! I just can't thank you enough for helping me find my voice.

    Your recent email about embracing our own voices, well... couldn't come in at the most impeccable time. I mean, recently I've been recording me sing, and well, i don't like my voice even though I could reach high tones. At time it's shaky, shouty, breathy... but then your email came in, telling me to embrace my own voice and my imperfections. Like it encouraged me to keep learning and singing. I thought this was it, my voice, guess I have to improve it over the long run.

    - Josh

  • Joe Ferrara

    That's great insight Fel! I wonder if Bob Dylan ever had to sort that out with himself or if he just thought "well, this is what I've got ... Might as well make it interesting!"

    Thanks for your teaching. Love your videos.

  • marilyn

    So many great comments have already been made! I'm happy about that, because all the positivity about you, your voice, and your teaching ability resonates with me, as well! Several years ago when I was a church goer, I was in charge of scheduling soloists and small ensembles on Sunday mornings. I distinctly remember appreciating an unpolished--but oh so authentic expression--of music and lyrics by one couple in particular. I preferred hearing them--even as a musician whose training made me acutely aware--more than any of the more consistent voices in our congregation. You have the technical ability, quite obviously, but allowing the imperfections (so-called) to add color and character sounds great to me!

    Can't wait to hear your song.

  • Katherine

    I'm so excited to hear you song! I wanted for so long write my own but i dont really now how to express myself and write it down on paper! So frustrating! Do you have any tips you can give me?

  • Nancy Okocha

    Hi Fel!

    I'm really excited for your song!

    first because your an INCREDIBLE teacher! I started posting covers on YouTube and lots of people hated on me, even people I knew! But my determination never left, but when people close to me commented on it, I decided to get some help with my singing, and I found your videos! EVERYONE wanted me to stop singing forever. And I could never! Singing is a passion, I turn to singing and songwritiing whenever i'm mad, sad, confused, hurt etc..
    Second you have given me so much advice and tips and my voice has gotten really good! And you have brought me so much confidence to embrace my voice and to stop comparing myself to other people! I stopped posting covers for a while, but i'm going to start again! I've been practising for almost a month now, and I feel ready to start posting again. I know I have a long way to go, but I want to start posting again!
    You have inspired me so much! And one day when I'm on stage accepting an award i'll be thanking you!

  • Monica

    Fel, you are just fantastic! You work so hard and put all your heart in everything you do. I love all your videos!!! I'm sure your first song will be amazing. I will be so happy to be able to listen to it when you are ready. Love from a fun that appreciates your work!

  • Carol

    I'm sure your recorded song will be amazing! Can't wait to hear it! Sorry I'm late with the comment. Go Fel! You can do anything you set your mind to!

  • Luisa Apolaya

    Yes, I have. For a long time, I felt that my choir teacher at school always pushed for "perfect" singing. As in, the "right" tone, the "right" vowels, and the "right" interpretation. However, I felt that doing so, my voice was getting more tense and stressed, for I did not feel I was expressing myself through the songs we sang. Then, I learned that embracing our imperfections--vocal breaks, love for a certain type of genre, not losing that spark of passion you feel when someone sings differently--I feel THIS is what makes singing so personal and awesome.

    I talked to my choir teacher and she understood. We are actually having a concert this fall where students will be allowed to audition with any song from any genre they want! So, hopefully, we can embrace the differences and imperfections of all of our voices at that time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fernando Contreras

    HI Felicia,

    First of all, I want to thank you for giving a little of your time from all the people that request your help.It makes me really happy to know that at least someone is trying to help me even by sending me tips. Maybe one of my biggest problems it's my insecurity to sing but I know that I have to fight for it, also I know my insecurities are provoked by my family especially my sister and Father who said that I'm not made for singing.I'm 14 years old and the next week I'm going to enter to High School and I sing up for choir and I hope that it would help me a lot plus your tips that I cannot stop thanking you about.Now your questions

    1.There is not such thing as perfect singing but everybody who sings has a different voice and their uniqueness will make them look like perfect.

    2.I love the way Chris Martin from Coldplay sings, he has a such good male voice I would give anything just to sing like him.

    3. Yeah!!!!!!!!! I'm excited for it. If you release it on Itunes I would totally buy it.

  • Milos

    People think that singing perfectly and clean is singing without emotion. I don't think so because, if a singer is comfortable with singing clean and does it without an effort than who says that singers doesn't have emotions throughout the song. I hope you know what I mean. (English is my second language btw)
    To answer your first question, I think if a singer has a perfect technique and sings very clean it is ok if a crack in the voice but only if it is intentional.
    A song called Sandcastles by Beyonce is a good example.
    I love Shakira even though her voice cracks all the time, but it is nice to listen to.
    And I would like to hear your love.

  • Angel

    1) Have you ever wondered whether "perfect singing" is really "the best" singing??
    Yeahh, sometimes I just feel ashame with my own singing voice :'(

    2) Are there any artists performing today that you admire who don't have perfect voices but who you LOVE to hear sing?
    Yeah! Selena Gomez!! <3

    3) Wanna hear my first song?
    SUPER EXCITED to hear your first song fel!!!! Will support you from the bottom of my heart!!

  • Ashley

    1) Have you ever wondered whether "perfect singing" is really "the best" singing??

    2) Are there any artists performing today that you admire who don't have perfect voices but who you LOVE to hear sing?
    I do admire a few that are in my eyes very talented in their singing from Broadway to movie musicals as well as solo tours:

    Idina Menzel, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Celine Dion

    3) Wanna hear my first song? (Currently finishing the mix and planning to post a video soon to YouTube, but my mailing list will be the first to hear it, AAAAAH!)
    Yes, with your voice and prior experience, would love to hear you sing a song that was created from your soulful heart.

  • Val Haynes

    People may laugh and jeer but I love Dylan's voice! Yep, it's craggy and raspy and probably more attitude than note, but it's perfect for his tunes. Other singers that I love include Christine McVie, Ella Fitzgerald, Fred Astaire....really too many to mention. Looking forward to hearing your perfect voice on your song. Thank you Fel.

    Val Haynes

  • Anita


    I'm really interested... And the first name that came into my mind is Sia. She is not perfect and I don't care at all. And Nina Simone? Or Anneke van Giersbergen - she is not that well known, and for a long time I thought she was perfect. She is not. Now - since I became a professional singer - I love her even more. And not to speak about Amanda Palmer - she is harsh, sensitive, smart, kind, wild and in always the greatest, never ending search: searching her true self. Even if it's hurtful sometimes. I highly recommend her book: The art of asking. So long story short: I would love to hear your vulnerable, tiny-tiny voice... <3


  • Gabby

    Hello Fel, here's what I think about perfect singing. Perfection exist even in the ugliest things, and not because they are ugly it does not mean that they are in reality ugly. Think for example about the perfect wine . While some wine tasters think in the existence of a perfect wine, the truth is that every wine lover has their own tastes(standards) to determine their the perfect wine. That's the beauty of diversity. Can you imagine a word in which people only listen Opera? (although I love opera. for instance one of my favorite singers are Renne Fleming and Charlotte, I think it would be boring if I just listen opera, don't you think? so please keep composing, and I will be glad to be one of the first persons to hear your song. Also I get to tell you, you have a beautiful voice, and what I mean by beautiful voice? it measn that you manipulate you vocal instrument pretty well , and that is what it counts because that's THE BEST, AND PERFECT SINGING; because it is pleasable to our ears, and I am sure that your singing is pleasable to our ears too. So go Girl keep singing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here are other of my favorite singers; Roxette, Beyoce,..Ana Gabrielle, Paulina Rubio,..

  • Lucia

    You are a great teacher and based of the things you say here, probably a very interesting singer (as opposed to boring manufactured x factor type of singer). Thanks for your belt crash course, I feel it is helping me a lot.

  • Nancy

    Hi Fel...I really found a great support by reading your blogs. I love you.....
    Thank you ...great thanks for helping me...
    -nancy (far away from Indonesia)-

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